Slowvember is over!

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    hey, just wanted to congratulate everyone who attempting this challenge. It's a tough one and the seemingly long time makes it tricky. The first two weeks go by and there is so much time that doubt can creep in. That is why so many people panic at that point. They just don't know what to do! It's a very good exercise to work through that and get something done. It doesn't matter if your piece turned out awesome or needs some work, the process is valuable and hopefully you learned a lot by doing it! : )

    Now on to wrap up 2019! Time to start reflecting on how the whole thing went. Inktober, Slowvember, and all the other things that you worked on. I love december for that reason. I clean my house and studio in an intense way. I throw out anything that is not working (artwork and furniture, clothing, etc). I try to bring in the new year with a streamlined and focused approach. Give it a try if you haven't before. It feels SO good to work in a clean space where you actually use and like everything in it. I actually schedule 3-4 days for this process. You wouldn't believe how much it can help you let go of things that aren't working and move on! : )

  • @Lee-White thanks for putting the Slowvember challenge out there. It really is a great process to use up your game on a piece.

    I ended up running out of time in the end. But it was amazing because of all the prep work ahead of time I was able to smoothly go through the finishing process in record time (2ish days, one for the final sketch, one for printing). But it felt good because I knew exactly what I was doing at that point.

    What you said about cleaning is so true! I just cleaned my studio a week ago and it is amazing how much more energy I get working in it.

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    You are so right, Lee! I wasn't so happy with my piece in the end, but in the end I thought of whichever of you is was who said, "Challenges help because they make you put your work out there and say, this is the best I can do right now." In fact, I think that was you, Lee, reflecting on your art school exhibition days.

    Today I am taking stock of my Slowvember experience, clearing files off of my almost full computer, and cleaning my neglected house. Tomorrow it's on to putting the Slowvember experience to work! (Along with preparing to go visit the relatives for Christmas.)

    I actually wrote a blog post this morning about my first Slowvember experience. This blog is a mixed bag and not strictly, or even primarily, about illustration, and also I am convinced that the only person who reads it is my mom. There! Don't say I didn't warn you! 🤣 But this link goes directly to the Slowvember post.

  • Just wanted to personally "thank you" for Slowvember! It REALLY worked for me....I actually have a plan outlined and a number of thumbnails started and then the value and color study....and best of all, I am working on my finishing 2 of my portfolio pieces (of which I am proud of!) Using your method with the six steps of making art has made all the difference and I cant thank you enough!

  • I completely agree with what everyone is saying. It was really fun and challenging to be able to hone in on one piece. I found myself daydreaming thumbnails and playing around with so many more ideas within my initial concept than I thought were possible. It certainly highlighted some growth areas for me- but it was good to get a piece out there, as @Lee-White and @LauraA said, that was the best I could do right now. I think sometimes when we don't push ourselves to do that, we are either better or worse in our heads than in actuality. It was really helpful to get a pulse on reality. Thanks a lot for this one.

    Cheers Cleancember? 🙂

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    @Annaaronson said in Slowvember is over!:


    LOL I like that!

  • I really took the time in Slowvember to thumbnail and then thumbnail & then thumbnail some more! It really helped me understand the value of the process. I realized that my first attempts (or 10) aren’t generally going to be the best options! so thanks for the challenge!

  • Thanks Lee! I definitely struggled with the extra time allows for extra doubt, but it felt good to not rush the process and to put back in the time for development. It was a great reminder of the importance of those early steps.

  • @alicia agreed!

    The 4 thumbs I picked to sketch were 20, 22, 37, & 40. My final started as thumb 22!

    Well worth the effort though. You don't get really creative until you have to push the boundaries!

    Kind of like @Will-Terry and his Inktober drawings (like he said on 3-point Perspective).

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    @Lee-White thank you! I made it through Slowvember this year and I’m so glad I did it. I learned a lot. Now for that studio clean up...

  • @Lee-White Thank you for the challenge. I definitely grew because of it

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    Woo! So many wonderful slowvember pieces. Every one with their own flavor and subject. Was a pleasure to watch it all come together.

    I participated, but last minute... Though I did do thumbnailing, which I've avoided in the past. I've always been the type to dive right into a drawing and finish whatever comes out first.

    Your thumbnailing tips have really helped me break through my art block, and have also helped me to relax about coming up with a good idea, as well as pushing to get the best version of that idea.

    I don't know why, but I was embarrassed to do loose sketching in the past. Now I realize that midset just held me back.

    Thank you for the advice and everything you do!

  • @Lee-White Great exercise, I defo got a decent piece for my portfolio. Unfortunately I was a bit too slow. Finished the painting but the black ink was too glossy to photograph it. I'm getting a polariser this week to add to the lights so I can get a better shot of it.

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    Thanks Lee for the inspiration, here is my late slowvember watercolor image, still not quite done, but I wanted to share. As you know I have always struggled with value, so I really wanted to push myself. Also afraid of crowd scenes so I tried to tackle both. Thanks again for being such a great teacher/mentor. All of you at SVS as well~scenesvs.jpg

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    finished piece-way late for Slowvember, my really slow slowvember….but congrats to all of you who got it in on time!childrenspectators2 copy.jpg

  • @lmrush you just embraced the theme a bit more than everyone else 😉

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    @StudioLooong oh my goodness I just saw your work top 9, on Instagram this morning, I am a huge fan of your work!

  • @lmrush aww thanks 😊 I feel like ive come a long way this year, its completely different from my top 9 last year!

  • Thank you @Lee-White and @Will-Terry for the Slowvember video critique! Sorry for the late reply. ( Holidays, etc, busy time.) I really appreciate it!!! Happy Holidays to everyone! -Tom Shannon

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