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  • RE: Illustration Process - Feedback Appreciated!

    @Alicja-W very nice!

    You may want to take a look at our new class from Vesper Stamper that talks about getting more saturation and luminosity in watercolor. Starting with a brighter undertone could really make these paintings glow.

    Good luck and keep it up! : )


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    @Kimberly-Batti i typically photograph the work in very small sections and then composite together in photoshop. That way I get a huge and very detailed final image.

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  • RE: July contest : Bear invasion WIP

    @MissMushy I was toying around with an idea with bears as well LOL. I like the first one but i get the unique part of 4. I just don't know if it reads summer vacation. Unless it was like a family of people with luggage in the door.

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  • RE: Our SVS Virtual Studio JULY💥2019

    After the bathroom I took a week to recover and did a little self portrait 😅 😂 🤣


    And then today I took a few hours to do some fan art. I just love spongebob.


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  • RE: Our SVS Virtual Studio JULY💥2019

    Bathroom is complete. It was a nightmare and I have many stories to tell. It was truly "Summer Vacation Gone Wrong". Here is my finished work. The tub and tile is the only thing that stayed. Everything else is brand new. Not to bad for a web designer and wanna be illustrator.




    20190708_193446.jpg 20190708_193513.jpg

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  • RE: Hello there!

    @sailorriceball welcome to the forums!

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  • Featured Student for September

    Heres another chance to get your work featured on the SVSLearn homepage! We have been having so many great submissions that it is really hard to just pick one. If you have posted in the past and not been selected PLEASE consider posting again (even if it is the same images as before). If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this opportunity please feel free to share them as a comment or to send me a message!

    This post is a place to share work if you want to get a chance to be featured in the Student Art Gallery on the homepage for September. To be considered share 1-2 of your best pieces (you can re-share an image you posted last month, but this is also a great opportunity to push yourself and add a new piece to your portfolio) on this forum post. Make sure to share your image by the 10th of August to be considered for September. Also, make sure your images are at least 800 pixels on the shortest side and do not exceed 1mb in size. If your illustration includes text on it please post a copy with and without the text on it.
    Work will be selected based off of how well the work uses the following:

    Concept: how well does your illustration convey a clear concept/story. Is it a unique approach? Does it make me want to know more about what is happening in the illustration?

    Technique: How is the composition working? Does it have good use of lighting, rendering, mark making, etc.? Does the technique compliment the concept?

    If you are selected, we will be emailing you using the email indicated on your forum account. Besides your art being displayed on the homepage, you will also be sent some questions for a Q&A blog post that will be shared on the SVSLearn blog.

    I can't wait to see what everyone posts this month!

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  • RE: Featured Student for August

    Thank you everyone for your amazing submissions! If you didn't get chosen for August's featured student PLEASE consider submitting for next months! You can submit the same images you have already posted or include new ones (or both). It is so fun getting to see everyone's amazing work each month!
    Here is a link to the new post!

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  • RE: Featured Student for August

    @StudioLooong I love your character's expressions (especially the raccoon's), and the wonderful concept from your section image!

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  • RE: Featured Student for August

    @burvantill I really like the way the first illustration turned out. Is it traditionally painted?

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