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  • RE: June Contest: Post Crit Arena Updates.

    @Norman-Morana Your original piece is so good. I do like it flipped too but it is also perfect the way it is to me. I don't mind the lantern on the other side of the the belly away from the little monkey - i feel like it works better compositionally over there and the textures you have going on around it in the original are awesome..also it seems to be illuminating the text to me. I remember Will and Lee really liking the piece.

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  • RE: My Classwork

    @Jonathon-B-Baker-0 This looks great to me! I agree about the porch being a bit skewed but the composition is really nice.

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  • RE: OZ Thumbnail Sketches

    @Aisleen Two too 🙂

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  • RE: My comic

    So instead of just doing some arbitrary train, heres my train design


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  • RE: Materials for how 2 draw everything

    I downloaded the PDFs to my Macbook laptop, then exported each page as a separate 300dpi JPG from Preview. I was then able to load them into Procreate as images using Airdrop, and create layers on top of them. That allowed me to open up the reference images on my laptop computer screen, and draw on my iPad without having to split my iPad screen to see the reference. It was tedious, but it was worth it to me, personally.

    I would echo @korilynneillo's thoughts about zooming in and and out of the image. The fixed scale of the image is part of the learning and the challenge. If you need to get closer to see more detail, get your face closer to the iPad instead of pinching outward to make the image bigger. Working with these on regular printer paper in the traditional style is the better approach, and you'll probably learn more. I regret doing so much digitally, as I developed quite a few crutches that haven't served me very well in the long run... 7 times to make a habit, 7x7 to break it... Just do yourself a favor and stay strong now while you're learning. You'll thank yourself in the end.

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  • RE: My comic

    Ok! Major break through. I put my pencil down and started doing research and thinking more and more about what kind of design do i want to use in my comic? I kept trying to reinvent the wheel and ended up covering up parts of my art with masses of ink or lots of hatching.

    So ive been researching 1950s designs because i really like that aesthetic, color palette, architecture, even their ridiculous retro futuristic designs for space ships. And i can recognize it better. Art nouveau is too much for me to understand and too difficult for me to be able to design into something practical design wise without spending too much time with it. So im going simple.

    For architectural designs i think the best way i can explain the inspiration is with this image:

    For cars and trains and stuff this vibe:

    I think clothing will pose the toughest challenge because im not super great at clothing even after taking the clothing drawing class (might take it again)
    But having something concrete will be way easier to go off of.

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  • RE: How do you bring your art to a finished level?

    @Taigyo I love the shadow cast by your tree.. it looks super nice to me. I think it stands out because there is no black line around it and looks like water color doing a great job doing what water color does best. To me some of your lines look sketchy in your finished piece which is not a good or bad thing - i make Very sketchy original sketches but working digitally gives me the luxury of working on a drawing until i feel good'ish about it - i spent over 61 hours and made more than 50,000 strokes on my last drawing...i don't think i would have any success with an image if i did not work digitally. It seems like you have one shot when you work in water color and you don't have the luxury of reworking the same image over and over. So i guess more careful mark making would be what i would say is what would make it look more finished to me... I hope that does not sound harsh to you... i need to work on my mark making too...and i could be wrong too LOL! I found a link a while ago to a PDF of a Peter de Seve drawing/watercolor tutorial that seems pretty great. Huge amount of prep work before the paint goes down..i'm not sure if he talks about the three inks he mixes for his linework in this one or if it is in a book i read...but he does not use black for his line. Maybe check it out? He is the best of the best..(Carter Goodrich too) Here is the link

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  • RE: Dumb question: deadline for July contest?

    Hi, @Kim-Wilson ! There are no dumb questions! 😉

    The prompts are always due at midnight on the last day of the month. You post the image to the thread created for that specific month's prompt. Then they are collected and put in a slideshow for the Critique Arena.

    Does that help?

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  • RE: Attempt at digital watercolor — suggestions welcome

    This is nice. I would add a little reflective green light to the deer to help them be IN that environment more. =)x

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  • RE: Vehicle Design course

    @Mairin-Kareli oh thanks!

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