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  • RE: Need input on a fine arts piece. posted in Artwork
  • RE: Need input on a fine arts piece.

    I like the color palette. I think you could push the light and shadow a bit more. Maybe open up the dark feathers on the birds back with some reflected light.

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  • RE: My Three Story Project 🌲2020

    She lives!
    I love her angry face.

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  • RE: My Three Story Project 🌲2020

    I have to share something real fast before I get back to work. I’m trying to be as real as possible with this project so that maybe we don’t all feel like we are the only ones that have difficulties from time to time. Anyway, I’m working on my emotions and poses and I’m was trying to redraw Kiddo in a pose and it didn’t matter how many times I erased and redrew (5 times) I could NOT get her right. She just didn’t look like Kiddo. In a fit of frustration I shut down my iPad dropped my pencil, remove my glasses and groaned, “I can’t do this! I’m pathetic.”
    At this point my husband says, “you just need to practice.” I’m mean, duh right. Anyway, I took a breather and had some lunch and I’m back at it and doing better. I am PRACTICING (thank you honey), and not trying too hard. Just working on her face and expressions.
    I just wanted to share the not pretty behind the scenes stuff. I would show my crappy drawing of Kiddo but I destroyed it. Lol. 7B907790-4500-4F1E-88FE-25F22E8E011D.jpeg

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  • RE: Beginning Character Design Class

    @AnnaDaviscourt I have a character design question regarding turnarounds, or 360 views of the characters. I just finished designing 5 characters for a book dummy project. And part of the project is to provide turnarounds of the characters for the potential client. My question is how do YOU approach this step? Do you even do turnarounds and if so do you draw them straight on or do you draw them dynamically showing more of the characters personality. I drew mine straight on and they are boring as jello without whip cream on top. I thought maybe next time I do this i would draw them more dynamically, but wasn't sure what the protocol was professionally. Can you shed some light on this?

    Thank you,

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  • RE: Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

    I'm happy to know I was wrong about a lot of things. Thanks to everyone for pointing it all out. I appreciate it.

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  • RE: My Three Story Project 🌲2020

    Character 360-2 marked.jpg
    I'M DONE! ...with my turnarounds. BLAH! My goodness that was like pulling teeth. I'm not ecstatic over the results, but I'm moving on. I knew this would be difficult for myself, but I didn't think it would take this long. I am now 7 days behind schedule. This is a personal project so it's not dire, and at least now I know to add extra time for character design if I ever get a real job. [Tangent Ahead] You know, I'm 51 years young. Saying the last sentence out loud, makes my stomach hurt and I get very discouraged. It is late and I'm tired and that doesn't help, so I'm going to shut up and shake off these blues and keep going.[End Tangent]
    Now to do a little fun stuff. Next step, Emotions and Poses! The schedule allows for 3 days of this, so I'll see you in 3 days... or 7😜.

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  • RE: Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

    Meh. I had to think about this for a while. Watts Atelier's strength isn't in inking. It's in the charcoal portraiture and figurative renderings in the old-school Russian realist style they're known for. It is indeed a great list that focuses on methods instead of word inspiration and feels really academic if you're looking for that, but at this point the whole thing seems kinda bandwagon-ish to me. It's hard to separate the angry anti-Inktober hashtags from the legit alternative-things-to-be-inspired-by lists.

    I don't know why they wouldn't want to make commercial arrangements to pair with Inktober if they were going to do something specifically ink-based to promote their brand/school--they could have reached hundreds of thousands of potential new students. Seems like a missed opportunity. I think they'll just get lost in the literal sea of alternative prompt hashtags in October, personally. I'm sure it will appeal to their own current following and students looking for the flavor of instructional development rather than singular word prompts (if those people ever actually find it). I don't think they're purposefully creating something to spite Inktober--there are too many of those out there already. I'm just not sure it will do them any good to create an ink-based challenge in October though...

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  • RE: How to finish off a piece in procreate to send out for printing

    @Coley oooh! I hadn't thought of that. So did you save it to your files and then email from there?

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