• RE: July WIP

    @sarahlawrence Thanks Sarah. If I go with 2 i'll make the shark as fat as possible lol

    @Nyrryl-Cadiz It's nice to be back 🙂 Loving your new work!

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  • RE: July WIP: Beach Day

    Hi @Branden-Brushett First of all I would advise you to try and thumbnail the concept and composition a bit more before you start adding the details to save on time and to see what works and what doesn't,

    At the moment I feel that your piece is too bottom heavy as in that there is a lot of action going on the the bottom half of the image and not a lot in the top area creating an uncomfortable balance. The painting also lacks energy for such an energy focused concept, to correct this I would try avoid hard flat lines such as the horizon of the sea and the clouds and try add a bit more horizontals in.

    The depth of the objects in the scene also could be improved upon by overlapping objects to show their comparison in space. Try to identify your background, middle ground and foreground a bit better to get a better sense of the objects size and position. The right lighting will also help this later on too.

    I hope you don't mind but I have done a quick sketch to illustrate some of what I mean, it might not be your style of painting or how you want to illustrate your piece, but hopefully it gives you another look into how it could be done. I've adjusted the horizon to give the piece more movement and pushed the picnic basket to the front to add depth with the water bucket and other small objects from the basket flying off into the background. The beach is now quite far down down to create a nice background scene with the sky and sea.

    I hope that all helps in some way.


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  • Portfolio suggestions needed!

    Hi guys,

    So a while ago, I applied to a one-year part-time animation certificate in a local College here in Dublin. I figured it would be great to attend a real class and that I'd learn a lot about composition and story-telling.

    A few days ago, I found out they're giving me an interview on the 1st of August. It all seems very casual and their email says this in relation to what I need to bring with me:

    "Optional: art portfolio, sketches (3 pieces max), animation video. If available these documents can be brought in on the day and scanned and emailed). Please note a portfolio is not a mandatory requirement for this course."

    I have never made a portfolio before and don't have very long to put one together. Should I just bring some sketchbooks? Or should I make a very small portfolio that tracks my progress in drawing over the last year? Or just try to make a proper portfolio from what I have?

    At first I thought the progress idea was good because they might see how motivated I am, having taught myself... But now I'm not so sure. Maybe I shouldn't include any bad art, even if it's purpose is to showcase other art and improvement...?

    Any help or suggestions much apprecaited!! You can see most of my drawings on Instagram to get an idea of what I have at my disposal...


    Thanks guys!!

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  • RE: July WIP

    @Gary-Wilkinson Hi, Gary! Welcome back

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  • July WIP

    I'm sorry to say it's been quite a few months since I last posted here, but I like to jump back it and give the July challenge a go. Came up with 3 concepts and looking for some feedback on which to progress with:

    1- Not super original concept of discovering treasure with a monster lurking behind the character, but I thought it would be nice to try this vertical composition.

    2- Building sandcastles in an ocean (sand or sea... not decided yet) as it gets swarmed by sharks.

    3- Going hot air ballooning on a sunny, but blustery day.

    Thanks for any thoughts in advance 🙂

    summer vacation.jpg

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  • RE: Comic-Con Expo Report for Illustrators Who Have Never Been

    I wish I was there! Someday, someday...😁

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  • RE: Back Cover Blurb for Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head

    @StudioLooong Oh, I guess that's right 🙂 It made such a difference...

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  • RE: Back Cover Blurb for Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head

    @StudioLooong The line AND your name after it?

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  • RE: Back Cover Blurb for Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head

    @StudioLooong thanks 😁

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  • RE: July WIP - Summer School

    @Erin-Cortese no worries. I like your vision

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