• RE: Gesture Drawing Class Work (anyone want to post their work with me?)

    @TessaW I think from the examples that maybe it's a sort of overall shape, like body type. I don't know about the gesture aspect, but I get the idea that it doesn't count so much in this one as general shape. At least, the examples aren't of grand gestures.

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  • Opinions please

    I'm trying to decide if I should keep this illustration for my lullaby book. Or if it's too weird and dark colored. What do you think?

    Here are some thumbnails of the rest for comparison (if you can see them well enough.)


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  • RE: Dragonfly WIP

    @Kyle-Tobey this is actually a great concept

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  • Cover for Lullaby Book and one more illo

    One more illustration to do unless I keep the curent one (which I don't know if i like). Then I can figure out hwo to put it together. Ha!

    Sorry, I couldn't get them the right size to share here so I photoed them on my computer screen or they might look better šŸ™‚

    117342905_2760683217550483_3709597018908547022_n.jpg 117553952_2760683250883813_2989915636833820747_n.jpg

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  • RE: Gesture drawing: Basic Shapes help

    @Griffin Sorry to pull up an old thread, but I've finally gotten around to taking this class, and I think I'm sympathizing with your confusion a little! When she gave the shape demonstration, she demonstrated making a shape to help identify the overall composition of the gesture itself. When it comes to the actual assignment, the examples she gives looks like she is designing the character itself with certain shapes in mind and not necessarily the composition of the gesture. She says to try and see people as shapes and to also streamline the gesture into the shape, when she didn't demonstrate how to design the actual character as a shape- just the gesture. I'm finding it a bit confusing as well.

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  • RE: Gesture Drawing Class Work (anyone want to post their work with me?)

    @LauraA Oh my gosh, these are amazing! I love the distinct characters you created.

    I'm currently trying to do assignment 2 , people as shapes. I'm a little confused. In her shape drawing demonstration she advised making a bounding box shape for the whole character to fit in, but in her examples for the actual assignment, it looks like the character design itself is based on the shape, instead of the bounding box idea. I'm a little confused as to how to approach the gestures/ characters. Design the gesture to a shape? or design the character's features/costumes with a shape in mind?

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  • RE: Charges for illustrating for an app?

    @Neha-Rawat oooh! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ i honestly have no idea but iā€™m very invested in this. I hope you get this job. Also, have you consulted your agent? They might get a higher deal for you.

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  • RE: 3 Areas of Feedback Request

    @Art-Dud HI! I think you've made beautiful illustrations but if there's one piece that I think needs critiquing, I think it's the cover. It's too busy. There so much happening that in my opinion, it looks garish. Remember, less is more. I love that you're trying to showcase all of the things this kid could be via props but we need to tone them down, remove a few. Below is my paint over. You can definitely go about this revision whichever way you like but I hope this will be a good starting point. Also, is there a chance you can have the title design redone? it looks a bit too plain. Maybe spruce it up with different font size or colors. I'm sure the graphic designer will know what to do.

    1596562373013-3ca51821-8697-4c15-bce0-e289974b9f93.jpg 1596562373013-3ca51821-8697-4c15-bce0-e289974b9f93 2.jpg

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  • RE: Any comments or critiques?

    @lpetiti i think you can work on the hands and her pose more. She's currently a bit stiff.

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  • RE: Sculptures and Sets

    @kylebeaudette I have always loved your sculpts!! Super nice! I think for lighting that starting with a diffused light that lights the whole area evenly then adding directional light and possibly raking light to capture important texture would help make the lighting feel more natural or real...this is what i remember from helping to photograph sculptures some 25 years or so ago...lol ...the lighting right now makes me picture the lightbulb right outside the window - you probably know all of this...and i could be wrong..anyways ...great work šŸ™‚

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