Will Terry's wife passed away last night

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    I just spent some time visiting with Will this morning at his house, talking, comforting, and crying.

    Her passing was completely unexpected and Will is obviously torn apart by this. If you pray, he and his family could really use some prayers on their behalf.

    Sorry to be the bearer of this sad news, but Will asked that I let everyone on the forum know the situation. Will is such a force of positivity and help for so many people out there, and because of that even in this dark hour his thoughts were directed towards our SVS people here.

    He'll be back in his own time, but for now Will's going to be laying low for a little while as he deals with this and spends time with family members, close friends, and his boys. If you would like to offer condolences please share them here.

    Thank you,

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    Thank you, Jake for letting us know. What a tremendous heartache for him and all of you. My prayers go out to Will, his family, and all of you at SVS who share in his grief and as he tries to find a way to bear what is unbearable, I hope he will know and feel that he is not alone, and that it will give him a small measure of comfort.

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    @Jake-Parker My heart breaks for him and his boys. Many prayers coming his way. That is absolutely crushing news to bear and live through. I hope peace and comfort find his heart sooner than later in the months and year to come. And it is just like Will to think of others even in his darkest moment. I'm teary just thinking of it. So sad, thank you for sharing.

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    Will, our hearts are with you in this time. I wish we could carry your burden so your soul would be lighter. Reach out to your close friends and family whenever you need support, no matter how small. You have lifted us up and we're here for you too. Hugs.

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    @Will-Terry and family know that you are in my thoughts. If there is anything you need from me, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know. SVS is more then just a school with classmates, we became family here. It was you guys at SVS who have brought us all together as one. I hope you can find the peace and comfort that is needed to deal with your loss.

  • oh, I am so very very sorry. Truly so sad for Will and his family. I am thinking about you Will, and your family. My deepest condolences.

  • Wow, this is heavy news.

    Will, we love you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to become a part if mine through your tutelage, podcasts, and jovial demeanor. You are not alone in this dark time. We are here for you when you need us.

  • I just joined SVS with a monthly membership and the forum yesterday. Today I logged in today to introduce myself after watching more of Will's YouTube videos while folding laundry this morning. This is hard news indeed and I will save my introduction for another day.

    Will, you and your family are in my prayers.

    Truth, Order, Beauty,

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    How incredibly sad to hear this. Will, my heart goes out to you and your family, with prayers for strength and peace. May you keep some joy in the memories you made together, and find a bit of comfort in knowing this parting isn’t forever. Blessings to you and those who love her.

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    @Jake-Parker I am so sorry Will! This is heart breaking - you and your family are in my thoughts - you feel like family to me - I wish I could help in some way -

  • @Will-Terry I am so so sorry for your loss. I will certainly be praying for you and your boys.

  • Oh dear, Sending all of my love and thoughts to Will, his family and friends. I hope you find strength through the difficult times. You have touched our hearts. Myself and everyone on svs are here for you, should you need anything.

  • I am sorry for Your loss Will, be strong. My deepest condolences

  • Sad news indeed. My heart goes out to you and your family Will.

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    This is heartbreaking! @Will-Terry you are the SVS OG that brought me here. I don't really know you, we've never talked other than a passing comment on the forum or social media but you open yourself up on your YouTube channel and in these classes, being honest, respectful and just so real about things that I can't help but feel like I've known you for years. I can't imagine how much of that was made possible because of her doing all the little things behind the scenes supporting you. After the idea of becoming a children's book illustrator took root in my head it was your channel that encouraged me to believe I could do it and I know I'm not alone in that. You both have influenced and encouraged so many people through what you do. I'm praying for you and your sons. You know you have an extended family to lean on here when you need us. @Jake-Parker thanks for relaying the news and providing a way for us give our condolences respectfully.

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    I am sincerely sorry for your loss Will. I hope you can find comfort and strength in your family and friends during this incredibly difficult time. You and your family are in my thoughts.

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    My thoughts are with WIll and his sons at this very difficult time. So very sorry to hear this news

  • There are no good words... but prayers, deep emotion, sympathy and positivity flowing your way, Will.
    @Jake-Parker If there are any needs of the family that come up, to your knowledge, that we - as people who are deeply affected by Will's contributions to the art world and his humble dedication to his students - could assist with, it would be an honor to help facilitate the meeting of those needs.

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    @Jake-Parker I am so sorry to hear this, it is completely heartbreaking 😞 Sending love and strength Terry's way..

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    I'm so terribly sorry, Will. I just found this place a couple months ago--led here by your videos. What I found was a safe space to learn and make mistakes and practice being brave. I feel like I just found a new family, so it's heart-wrenching to hear about your loss. You and your boys are in my thoughts.

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