DECEMBER CONTEST: as she listened closely, she overheard them talking about her...

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    This prompt comes from @Will-Terry

    " she listened closely, she overheard them talking about her..."

    Per Will, this prompt will allow you guys to explore complex human emotion.

    Couple of details:

    The contest is open to anyone. But the winners and runners up will only be selected from active SVS members.

    Post only finished pieces here. Post WIP projects in their own thread.

    Put your real name and forum name on the image somewhere (can be on a border if you like).

    Good luck everyone!

  • This is too much fun! I'm glad I already had my Christmas shopping done!DecemberSVS Final.jpg

  • Well guys, I had posted a submission above a couple days ago because I thought that submitting early would keep me from spending a long time on revisions and scrutinizing my artwork like I always do. There’s a more important project to be giving energy to at the moment, but did posting early discipline me? No. 🙂 This piece kept drawing me back to it even though I should have been doing other things, as if it were a refrigerator and I were a magnet. It was even calling out for a WIP thread in order to get advice from all of you, but I'm holding myself back. Looking forward to seeing all the other great submissions which always blow my mind and set my goal standards to new heights.

    kathryn adebayo SVS dec 2019.jpg

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