Which composition is better?

  • Working on a weekly-challenge piece of fanart and so far I've ended up with two potential background compositions; which do you think is better? I'd like to have more focus on the cat/his face, but also have a good sense of depth and distance.
    V1: scourge wip.png

    V2: scourge wip 2.png

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    @jwing I like V2 the best, but if I were you I'd keep the building on the very left from V1 as well. It was framing the image nicely!

  • @jwing version 1 frames his face really nicely and uses the overall space better. So that there is not the awkward emptyness. Plus looks more realistic. 🙂

  • Liek version 1 the most, great view and not so much of sky

  • I think a combo of the two would be good. I like the openess and distance of 2, but think it could do with some buildings to frame it. It would provide more depth and be more dynamic.

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    @jwing I like the second one. The use of negative space seems to put more focus on the character. Overall it has a nicer feel.

  • I like version 1, the framing of the character using the buildings is great!

  • I like version 1, I feel like the other buildings give it depth, but I would like to see version 1 with the small distant buildings in the background worked in... and possibly a something in the foreground?

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    I like number one I think. The buildings in the background show the environment and it feels more solid to me.

  • For my own curiosity I see often that artists create imagery where part of the subject is cut off a little because they are big for the frame. Like the ear here. The thing I'd like to know is, and I'm not trying to critique your work I'm just genuinely curious, are there reasons to do that intentionally and what are those reasons?

  • I like the first best 🙂

  • I like the first version best. However, I would slightly move the light grey building left of him to the left to give the character a little more space.

  • I like the first one for framing but wonder if you might be able to replace the third building from the left with the horizon view of buildings in the second. It might give some nice depth and variety in shapes?

  • Well, the first has a cast shadow so it looks more realistic and centers the subject in the setting. I also think the complex background gives it more a sense of place. Cool vibe on the drawing. Reminds me of Ancient Egypt.

  • I like the first one because it feels more balanced to me and seems to meet all your goals better. I also think that the structures around the cat mimic them in terms of height and color (visual weight), so it's visually engaging for me. The one on the bottom appears as if the cat is about to fall over compared to the first one 🤔

  • @Aleksey I usually do it so that it feels more real; like if I were to take a similar photo of a cat, the whole cat might not fit neatly into the photo without losing the angle/feel of the photo. It also helps me to avoid tangents, heh 🙂

  • Thanks everyone for all the feedback!
    I decided mainly on the first composition, and the final thing is: scourge redraw.png
    There are a lot of things I'm not satisfied with but I think I'm just going to accept it and move on from this one heh 😊

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