Help me tell my niece she has talent

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    I have been trying to get my niece to have more confidence in her art and to share it more. She feels like most of the things she draws are unworthy to show to anyone. I want to show you all a couple of her drawings (I have her permission) and I want you to chime in and give us your honest opinion. She thinks I’m biased and needs opinions from the world and not her auntie.

  • @burvantill My favourite one is the first one, creates nice depth and a walk through to another world. 🙂

    How old is she can I ask?

    Let her know that with passion, practise and persistence she can make things happen.

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    @burvantill I think they are pretty amazing. I really like the second one. Great character.

  • These drawings are very fun. the character design is really interesting. It is asymmetric, interesting pose, and full of personality.
    I would read a book with this character in it :-).

  • I love the creative and quirky characters. The second one is my favorite. The line work and color in the characters is pretty great too. Keep up the good work.

  • the character (drawing #2 and #3) has an unique personality. I really like them!

  • @burvantill keep them coming, she has talent. Love it!

  • I think its really cool the way she got so much life and character in the second 2 with out even drawing pupils, they're very expressive. confident line making too. love them 🙂

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    I think they are absolutely great. I've come to believe that art skills are something just about anyone can learn if they are committed but imagination and the ability to think creatively seem to be more innate and if a person has that imagination and can use color and line in ways others wouldn't think of using them, they are already a step ahead of everyone else. I think the pictures your niece has drawn use line and color in unique ways, demonstrate an ability to think beyond the norm, and show an eye for composition that is lovely. I am really glad you convinced her to share them and I hope she will share more. (And tell her that feeling like what she draws is unworthy just proves that she's an artist because we've all been there!)

  • Yes! those drawings are great! 😃 love the expressiveness of the characters. The brain is very good in telling us things that are true only to ourselves 😉

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    THANKYOU! She has read your responses and is very grateful for your words.
    Her Instagram is @hannahb.creations if you would like to follow her journey. 🙂

  • @burvantill I'm glad the feedback is being well received by your niece. The one thing that I really like is how she represents the body/skeleton with a series of horizontal lines. That's a really fresh take on a stick figure, or even a skeleton. (Don't we wish our aunts had supported us like this!)

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    I’m a fan. I think they are adorable and have great personality. I’ll check out her page. I would love to see more!

  • A really unique style with her characters - awesome work!

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