BIG - WIP (need help with values)

  • Hi all. It's been a while since I've attempted one of the monthly contests, so here goes. This is my rough sketch. I'm wondering if the values "read" well enough. Any thoughts welcome. Thank you!0_1547580259518_fish.jpg

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    @laurel-aylesworth So far you are on the right track. I would make the girls pants a darker value. RIght now they are blending into the hill she is on. But then again sometimes once color is added it will break it up.

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    I love the composition, the curves of the fish and girl's hair, their gaze, the subsequent appeal to imagination via reading, and it certainly get the idea of big across! I agree with Chip about the pants. And somehow I want the fish to be darker as well. Or maybe I want the girl's shirt and the background to be lighter? I'd just push all the contrasts a little more and use your value range to its fullest. And watch out for the tangent on the left where the edge of the image almost touches the fish's fin and tail.

    Look forward to seeing your progress!

  • @lauraa Thank you guys! I was wondering about the fin and if that reads as a tangent. I'll have to figure that one out.

  • @chip-valecek Thanks Chip! I agree about darkening the pants.

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    @laurel-aylesworth Hi Laurel. I really love your idea and drawing. I hope you don't mind that I did a bit of a draw-over to show my suggestions. It's easier for me to think through my response. When I consider the values for my illos, I find it's helpful to shrink it way down, then adjust values at this scale. I know you didn't ask for additional assistance, but after I adjusted the values, I couldn't help but make some small tweaks here and there. I've noted all the changes I've made, which I think still honors your original idea and drawing, but makes it hopefully easier to read. Let me know what you think:)0_1547657869675_big fish.jpg

  • @johanna-kim Thanks so much! I hadn't thought of moving the house to the left in the midground. That's an interesting idea I'll play around with. And I like the idea of more breathing room near the fish's side.

  • @laurel-aylesworth I agree that the girl's pants need to be darkened, and I also think lightening the tail fin value would eliminate that as a focal point, so it's not competing with your main focal point.

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    @wendyinca I love the image! I'm not much use in advising on values, as I'm just starting out and struggling with everything myself. I do however feel there's a tangent (if that is the correct word?) where the girl's left foot is aligned with the corner of the fish's mouth. I would either move the foot down a little or the mouth up a little I think. Although I do love the expression on the face of the fish.

  • I like your idea / composition. I like the feeling of the girl & the fish wondering about one another.

    I agree with the comments about adding a little space on the left & adjusting the foot / fishes mouth. I like the house and background in the original & agree with other comments that a higher contrast between the fish & the background would be helpful. I really like the girl's pose and the curve of her hair, and how the hair & angles of the girl lead toward the fish's eye. The higher contrast areas of the fish eye, girl's face, & book really draw the focus into that area.

  • Hello folks. I'm wrestling with color options. I'm almost tempted to keep it grayscale. I dunno. Or use super muted colors. Any comments/suggestions are welcome. Thanks again!


  • I'm a fan of number 2 🙂

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    Wow! This is really good! I really loke you purple fish. My bet is on 3.

  • I like 4 but i think only because if you made her hair a different color instead of green. Maybe a warmer color so she separates better from the fish. The reason I chose 4 is in all the other ones the color for the hill shes on is the same as her pants.

  • I just love 2 - but either way you go these palettes are all so lovely and dreamy - definitely go with color!

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