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  • My idea was a grandmother sitting with her new born grandchild and she passes away. I think I will change the tail end of the spirit grandmother but does anyone see anything else? I plan on it being a spot illustration so not much background to go with it. Thanks


  • The angle of the baby's head is awkward for me. The long neck and big eyes angled up makes him look like a little alien-ish : Also, what if you had the grandma waving goodbye, or blowing a kiss. This reads a little creapy, like she's reaching for the baby to take it with her. :p

    I did a quick paint over to show you what I mean.

  • @stringfellowart Huge difference. I have an issue with eyes, I love drawing them big which doesn't help the baby. I love the change. Thank you for the feedback.

  • @chip-valecek That's so sad 😞 But at least she got to hold the baby. The baby looks kind of skinny and the little hairs kind of look like antennae-it does look like a baby alien. I like he suggestions from stringfellowart. The grandma in the chair is great. I have a bit of trouble with putting grandma's in chairs as I've been working a little on my own Grandma project 🙂

  • @chip-valecek I like your idea a lot, and I also agree with @stringfellowart 's suggestion to have grandma waving goodbye or blowing a kiss. Actually, I think that blowing a kiss could look pretty sweet, and you could add little floating heart-kisses as well between grandma's ghost and the baby. You might try putting grandma-ghost rising up behind the chair and blowing kisses to baby. And baby could be catching the kisses in the air, and/or, bringing the kisses to her lips. Just a thought. Can't wait to see how this develops.

  • Wow... unique concept. Is the grandmother a ghost?

  • @nyrryl-cadiz yes, she will be a ghost. Like the concept of an old person passing on while a new person starts their life.

  • @johanna-kim I actually had that same idea of the blowing a kiss and seeing the heart/kiss going toward the baby. I will get all of these suggestions added.

  • Really cool idea!

  • Getting the painting wrapped up this weekend. Any critiques or changes that need to be made before I submit? I have till Tuesday for any changes before I leave for a little spring break vacation.


  • @chip-valecek It might take a bit more work, but I think you would really benefit by adjusting the lighting. The right side of the image doesn't contribute much to the story and has quite high values which is needlessly pulling the viewer's eye that way. I think if you made the ghost a light source that would give it a much more dynamic feel.

  • @gary-wilkinson I see what you mean, i can see if i can make some of that with out taking to much time.

  • cool idea, but the baby seems like a small adult female wearing lipstick. Gotta make it more "baby" still...

  • @chip-valecek (Hmm, I just tried to post a suggestion but it disappeared, so reposting...) The metal knitting needles are feeling a bit sharp and dangerous to me, stuck in the arm of the chair, and pointing somewhat towards the sleeping kitty. The kitty and yarn ball are also drawing my attention away from the main action.

    A possible fix: Make the needles wood with rounded tips, and have them lying harmlessly on the floor where kitty is or on the arm of the chair, but enveloped partially in an unfinished knitting project, nothing too complex. Also, have kitty with the ball of yarn in its mouth, or under its paw, as if it was playing, but have it's attention directed at granny ghost. Both kitty and baby might be able to see granny ascend.

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. I tried to take it all in and here is my final piece.


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