Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

  • @Lee-White Thanks for the detailed reply! I hope Chronicles and their lawyers come up with their verdict soon. The suspense is unbearable...

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    I found this video on the situation to be one of the best responses I’ve seen. The guy is clearly not super fond of Jake. But, he knows what he’s talking about as far as the layout charges and things. and he talks about the unfortunate backlash this could have on Alphonso because of the actions of his followers. I think more people need to see this

  • @Lee-White I like the page with the bear and the explanation on how to render fur. Who is the artist / what is the reference of the book please?

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    Drawing in Pen & Ink by Claudia Nice. Here's a link:

  • Alphonso did not convince me.
    I hope this situation will be solved soon because too much damage is being done to Jake’s reputation.

  • @Lee-White thank you very much!

  • @Lee-White said in Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations:

    Drawing in Pen & Ink by Claudia Nice. Here's a link:

    I was actually going to comment that looked like Claudia Nice’s work. 🙂

  • I've just pre-ordered Jake's book. 🤞 It isn't delayed for long.

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    I've attempted to counter some of the comments on Dunn's video to offer a different perspective, but there's way too many to address and it's so saddening to see some of the replies 😞 I just read one that said :

    "Seems like Parker lawyered up hard and fast, and I’m sure his legal team will do everything in their power to contest and maybe even counter-sue for defamation and reasonable loss. (Probably on the basis that you can’t claim copyright over a “format or teaching flow”, and that there’s a long history of these kinds of basic fundamentals already published.)
    But regardless of what Parker’s lawyers finagle for him, thanks to this video, everyone will know that Parker’s a plagiarist, and an asshole to boot. Hope he gets what he deserves"

    It's like no matter what defense case Jake presents and no matter if it's legally settled in his favor, for some of these people Jake's reputation is forever ruined. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I can't believe Dunn did this. Of all ways, professional ways to address something like this he chose the nuclear option, and possibly blew up both himself and Jake at the same time. What a mess.

  • @NessIllustration My hope is that if this was in fact an emotional reactionary video that reached what ends up being an incorrect conclusion of plagiarism, Alphonso would address his viewers himself with an explanation and apology. It still might not convince everyone, but it could undo damage that another lawyer situation wouldn't. People are still salty about trademarking Inktober, even though a) he explained and apologized for the unintended effects and b) you KNOW you take a risk if you use someone else's IP, especially a logo.

  • @NessIllustration I've been seeing that particular opinion a LOT the past few days! I've been very vocal in a few artist discord groups over the past few days and that seems to be the prevailing opinion (aside from a small island of artists that take a similar view to the recent youtube vids posted and think it's monstrously unfair that everyone's jumping to conclusions without seeing both sides). It saddens me that no matter what comes to light, they'll just spin it to Jake being the bad guy.

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    @Carmanda At this point I'm not sure Dunn would ever retract himself. Even after seeing the mob descend on Jake, he has done nothing to discourage his fans from the hate and the video is still up, even know it's really risky because he's solidly opening himself up for a lawsuit. He has proven himself to be emotional and reckless. Not only that, in his video it's like he's straining so hard to see similarities yet he's dismissing every difference as Jake attempting to hide the plagiarism. He's descended really far into a confirmation bias whirlpool and has convinced himself very thoroughly. Sending out his impressionable students who do not know better to mob lynch Jake was absolutely reprehensible, and I don't know what we can reasonably expect from someone who'd do that.

  • This is the "KILL THE BEAST" scene from Beauty and the Beast. Townspeople just wanna poke something with their proverbial pitchforks.

    Don't confuse me with facts, my minds already made up.

    I hope the truth prevails this time.

  • @Carmanda said in Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations:

    People are still salty about trademarking Inktober

    Yes, and this was always insane. A lot of artists, particularly amateur, young, or leaning heavily left, don't understand matters of trademarks, etc. They just see it as being mean. There's 100% nothing wrong with trademarking Inktober and protecting that name and logo mark. Try explaining that to people that are anti capitalism, though. They would understand if they were to ever create or own something valuable.

  • @MattBaker you nailed it

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    @George-Broussard Youth and the simple lack of experience and worldliness, I get. But I'm not sure it has to do with a political stance or one's embrace of the legalities of capitalism... I think that's a stretch. I, myself am just about as far left as a person can get and I understand the complexities of what's happening. I think we start down a dangerous path when we bring politics into the conversation, as cancel culture exists on both sides of the aisle in its own ways. As a moderator, I'd personally like to avoid opening up that particular can of worms on these forums as it seems this tiny oasis has managed to blissfully sidestep it for a good many years...

  • @Coreyartus I think I agree with that.

    I'm nearly 50,...and I still don't understand politics.
    Especially in the US!!! Left and right?
    Sorry, I have no idea!

    And, I wanted to be a political cartoonist. Lol 😵

  • @NessIllustration With the current events, I highly doubt anybody would sue AD. With the way his fans have injected racial arguments, pitting this as a “white vs black” issue, it would look really bad on a corporation like Chronicles to sue an independent artist like AD.

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    @NessIllustration Jake can’t win no matter what. 😩 these people of little minds will always think he plagiarized Dunn. If it will be proven that no plagiarism happened, I want Dunn to make a public apology.

  • @pixel-dsp It is such a mess. Highly respect Jake and the whole team at SVS: everyone dealt this matter in such a professional and calm way - the way a true art sensei would do.

    @Nyrryl-Cadiz In my opinion, Jake already won.

    As an old saying goes - "And this, too, shall pass away."

    I look forward to this year's inktober, and can not wait to see all the beautiful art that will come out from the svs family.

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