Finishing Wizard of Oz Cover - need sugestions and critique!

  • Hi Im finishing the wizard of Oz Cover and I see somethings that I really like but others dont fit well, need some opinions and sugestions!

    alt text

    Do you see the robot integrated in the composition? I feel the color is not right, but I dont know what color use.

    Any advice, something wierd that you see? About composition, color, or drawing, or anything else, any feedback is very wellcome.

    *The dog is still work in process xD


  • I think it's beautiful! I like the color of the Tin Man. I think it helps the piece if he does stand out little bit. He's cute too!

  • OK, first off love your style!

    As for tips to finishing:
    To make the Tin Man's colour to feel more cohesive, I would suggest going for a warmer grey verses the colder grey that you have now. This will help to make him blend to the warm coloured foliage and surrounding characters.

    Another suggestion is that the Tin Man's expression could change. With the dead pan-stare-at-the-reader look happening it was one of the first things to draw and hold my attention, plus it sticks out a bit since while everyone is happy (except for the Lion) he's standing there staring and breaking the forth wall. Maybe if he were looking at Dorothy or looking to the right, encouraging the reader to look into the book, he would blend into the image more.

    Also I'm finding that Dorothy's silhouette is getting lost in the leaves. My suggestion is to either change the foliage colour or Dorothy's hair colour.

    And finally don't forget the author's name 😉

    This is a great composition! And like you said, just needs some finishing 🙂

  • I'm getting such amazing Moomin vibes!

    I agree with everything @JoshSchouwstra suggested.

  • SVS OG

    @Jordi-Ventura very cute! I love your color palette. My one suggestion is to spread out your characters upward. They look a bit too crammed in the bottom.

  • @Jordi-Ventura This is so lovely! I love your style!

    My main feedback is about making the title more prominent. If you see this book on a shelf from far away, a light font on a light background will be completely missed.

    I also feel the tinman could be rendered a little more similar to the other characters. The detailed lines on its face are standing out IMO.

    The cover is also sort of divided into a soothing palette for the top half and an extremely colorful vibrant in the bottom half. A balance would be good. Either change the color of the leaves or add some leaves to the top.

    Great vibe over all!

  • Love the Style Jordi, I think its damn good, the only thing that caught my attention is the title.
    The white font kind of disappears on your background color, if you convert it to B&W it would be almost identical. The "shadow" on the WIZARD makes it more easy to see, or maybe just try a different font color for the title.
    Cant wait to see your update!

  • SVS OG

    I first felt that the characters were too crowded and hanging off of the sides but then it might seem that way because the title is not popping out. Somehow here needs to be more contrast. There is a ton going on with the characters with all of the bright colors, etc. Mayb ejust need to find a balance between the parts? Very cute though and I think it is a great composition. Great work!

    Oh! I wonder what would happen if you swapped out the green border etc. with the tan behind the title? Maybe it would help the title pop out against the green. The orange-ish tan color around the border might look nice. Just a thought. (It might look horrible too 🙂 )

  • This looks fantastic! I love the composition and style 😊 I agree with comments that the title fades into the background, treat all the text like you did the word Wizard and it will pop. Also did you intend to spell wonderful with two l’s? It stands out as a typo to me, although Google says that apparently it is an archaic spelling so perhaps you were denoting age to the story..

    Scarecrow’s purple hues could possibly be toned down as he stands out the most due to vibrancy.. The directions of Toto’s pupil’s just need to be matched up and he’ll look cute as! Great job!

  • @JoshSchouwstra Agree with Josh about the Tin Woodman expression. Everyone looks happy apart from him. Will Terry posted a video suggesting that we don't have our characters looking at the reader (breaking the fourth wall).
    Also, at first glance I thought that the scarecrow was a witch. Maybe it is the hat. And maybe it's just me!
    Excellent work though! I'm looking forward to the finished piece.
    Just had another look at it. I was thinking "where's the lion's nose?" Then I realised that what I thought is his mouth is in fact his nose. What do you think?

  • whoa, thanks for all the feedback it really helped!

    @deborah-Haagenson , Thanks! I think sometimes I'm too perfectionist in the wrong way ^^ u

    @JoshSchouwstra everything you say is so true! I changed the tinman eye direction and that helps a lot, is true that his expresion was so dominant. Now looks more relaxed and integrated. Also I clean a few leaves, there was to much of them! Thanks for the honest feedback!

    @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thanks! Yes I did some changes on that, moving them a little bit to have more space to breath between then, thanks for the tip 😉 !!

    @Neha-Rawat @cszoltan @MOO I didnt think about that until all you pointed it and yep! The title was getting to small, I also did some ajusments to make the title pop-up more and more bigger! Thanks!

    @Lovsey @Adam-Thornton I tonned down the Scarecrow and I think it helped to relax all de color composition it was to much saturated also the colors as Adams says lookslike a witch!

    Im going to update the final version today or tomorrow. I dont know why there are pieces that I get stuck to finish it, I really hate when this happen. Usually I have a fast workflow but when I got stuck I got stuck really bad haha

  • Here is the final image, I dont think I will do more changes, just want to move forward to another project, anyways any feedback is always wellcome! thanks for all the help!

    alt text

  • Pro

    @Jordi-Ventura This is really great improvement, but the text is still so hard to make out.. Any reason you're not making it black, or a very dark teal or brown, so it stands out against the pale sky?

  • @Jordi-Ventura Nice work on turning the feedback into improvements - this works much better in my opinion! 😁 The only part I miss from the original is the inclusion of the door to the Emerald City, it helped define the shape nicely.

  • SVS OG

    @Jordi-Ventura you could still move the lion higher. He’s just getting covered up by Dorothy.

  • @NessIllustration If Im honest probably I was little lazy/tired and want to finish it hehe, I tried a little bit to change but I didnt like it, feels like black was breaking the color harmony, but after you posted I give it another try and I think now looks better!

    @Lovsey true, added!

    @Nyrryl-Cadiz hey! yes, I upper bit and I make the mouth expresion 100% visible, was little hidden.

    Now I see is very important to have the PSD file very well organized to make fast changes, if not can be a pain in the ass haha. Also thinking about the illustration I feel one of the big mistakes I did was not taking enough time in the value phase, I jumped to draw to color to fast, I see time after time that values are the most important.

    So here is the images with all the changes, now for sure is finished, no more changes!! haha
    Also I added a the proces if someone is interested!

    Final image:
    alt text

    alt text

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    @Jordi-Ventura Actually I wasn't talking about the shadow, but the white text itself! The title is most important on a cover and has to be readable from far away. White on pale yellow is a very odd choice! The shadow helps, but it doesn't really get to the root of the problem...

  • @NessIllustration ups! ok, I tried and looks more way solid, its true that from the distance was hard to read, I think now it can read well, thanks!

    alt text

    Here I can see it reads way better, Also I think it helps to equilibrate the composition! thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it!

    alt text

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    @Jordi-Ventura Wonderful!! ❤

  • Pro

    @Jordi-Ventura One last thing and feel free to completely disregard this. But I'm not really sold on your green color for the background... I'm not sure what it is about it! But your characters all seem to have some blueish tinge to their shadows, like how tin man and the witch hat have a blueish sort of gray, so I think a blue background would really groove with this color scheme:


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