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  • Hello! It's been quite awhile since I've posted here, but I was taking the inking class and practicing on the printouts provided. I tried 2 versions of the same drawing, one done with technical pens and one with a brush pen. I like both for different reasons but wanted some feedback if possible! :' )

    Scan057.jpg Scan056.jpg

  • @Quackamos I like the brush pen personally. I think it looks more expressive and professional.

  • While the technical pen is more accurate and clean (hence technical), you really do have more expression in the brush pen one. Loving both! Great job!

  • They look really good to me, consistent too!

    You could try a version where you use both. There are areas where both shine really well. Like the brush on the harness and the archer’s outfit. The technical pen is great on the broken lines, like where there is fur or shading.

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    Yes, I agree with @Eelwick --there's no reason why you can't use both. Many of the posters above have mentioned your expressive brush work and clean technical pen lines. Why not find a way to use the best of both worlds?

  • A brush pen is hard to learn and control. I think you did a great job! I just bought a fine point brush pen so I hope that helps. In a class I took last year we used the pens you dip in ink. He had us do the drawing in a fine point first and then again with the larger point to add the heavyier lines. I don't know if that would work with brush pens though. I haven't tried it.

  • Thank you everyone! Yes, the brush pen is quite difficult to work with, but I really enjoy that expressiveness too; I haven't really thought of combining the two before though! Perhaps in certain areas tighter areas I can use the technical pen and then go over it with the brush pen. I like the tech. pens because their ease of control and speed, but the expressive lines I get with brush pen are just so fun.

    This just means more practicing and experimenting, thank you! 😂

  • @deborah-Haagenson Thank you! I have also tried dip ink, though not recently; I think I was using the wrong paper because the nib kept scratching through the paper. But I think I'd like to try and combine the two styles if possible! (I have way too many pens I gotta use them!)

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    Both drawings looks great. I definitely love your brush pen version more, though. It's so expressive and bold, and feels much more spontaneous and loose and alive. I bet if you did more drawings with brush pens, you would achieve the control you want. Personally, I love an occasional jiggly, wiggly, uneven line. Those little imperfections bring the warmth of traditionally made artwork.

  • Both are beautiful! But I really like the style the brush pen adds! ❤

  • I like the brush pen image. For me it's better balanced between all of the elements and my eye travels between them pretty equally. It's also a really bold statement overall and the image jumps off of the screen more than the tech pen one. In the tech pen one, the dino's face is more delicately handled, making a bit more realistic looking compared to the more simple and graphic handling of the elf, and my eye wants to look at the dino face much more than anything else.

    Great job, either way! Go for the pen that brings most enjoyment.

  • These are both wonderful! I’m always a fan of brush pen...anything with an interesting, varied line. I think it’s much stronger. Bravo!

  • I think you might want to try a fountain pen at some point too.. I love using them myself.

  • Personally, I like brush pen picture. It looks more clearly

  • which comes with brush pen, look cool really omg
    what (brush)pen did u use???

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