COVER ART for a book I am writing... Critique requested

    • Does the cover make you want to read the book?
      I think it's pretty cool! You could possibly try work a little more decoration in somewhere, something that has to do with the book's story? (e.g. some kind of symbolic border)

    • What do you think of the font?
      I think the font is okay, I had a hard time reading Heir on the first cover, but it's easier on the second version. It matches the mood of the cover well!

    • Does the hand-drawn map look like a pic of an old fashioned hand-drawn map?
      I think so, although I'm no expert on old maps heh.

    • How does the pendant look?
      Looks pretty good to me! Although I guess the texture might be a little rough for a crystal pendant, but that could purely be a stylistic choice.

    • Suggestions for layout changes? (I'm not 100% happy with the placement /layout of the title)
      Hope you don't mind me scribbling all over your cover, heh, I was curious what it would look like if you flipped the colors of the background, the text, and the map border. I also darkened the map slightly to draw more attention to the pendant + I felt like the map illustration overpowered the whole cover.


  • @jwing ooooOOOooo I like it. YOu can't really see the blood spatter but it is a definite improvement.

  • @jwing @burvantill How is this? Red is always a catchy color. I like it so much better!
    The Enemy Heir Cover Art version 2.jpg

  • Here is a version that passed my adult children's muster, who have actually read the book:
    The Enemy Heir Cover Art version 3.jpg

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    @chrisaakins 👍. The font is better but I still think it could be played with some more, the rest of the cover looks awesome.

  • The new font is sweet! That red is awesome but I feel like the background itself is too strongly patterned, it looks a little chaotic and distracts from the title. What if you kept everything as it is, but put a color/layer over the background to mute it somewhat? like this I guess

    Also a small point but the color of 'Chris Akins' blends in with the map, a darker gradient might help it to pop out more!

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    enemy heir.jpg

    I made this quick edit to maybe inspire you. Notes

    Title should be readable at thumbnail size, especially if you are selling on Amazon and such..

    Darker textured background, with a brighter more legible typeface. The top felt extremely heavy, pushed up the map to balance out the red a bit, and have a nice spot to feature your name.

    Pendant was straight across for the most part, I angled it down to make it seem more interesting, it also leads your eye to the beginning of your name.

    Tangent with the rope on the map, so I pulled it out a bit. Added a drop shadow to the pendant.

    Overlapped the title for added flair.

    Darkened and brightened the map to make it seem like the glowing pendant is actually a light source.

    Added a bit of a border to break things up and tie things together at the same time.

    I'm not a pro designer, these are just thoughts. 😃

  • This post is deleted!

  • @CLCanadyArts wow you are so good at this! What font did you use? I really like the edits you made. I will work on making it more like that.

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    @chrisaakins Yataghan for the title - free.

    Krasomila for the author name -free.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

  • Okay... Here is the final-ish version I think. Thanks to @burvantill @jwing @CLCanadyArts for your input. The font was exactly the one I was looking for. This was my first serious attempt at cover art, so I thank you for your patience. I learned a ton with your help. Let me know what you think, if you don't mind.

    The Enemy Heir Cover Art 4.jpg

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    @chrisaakins Great job👍👍👍 This looks very professional to me.

  • @burvantill thanks Lisa!

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    @chrisaakins Nice! 😃

  • Awesome (and very educational) to see the evolution of this. The final iteration looks great!

  • @Casual-T Yes, this is what the forums do best. Help us to learn and grow. We have amazing people here.

  • All cover options for the book are beautiful. I think you should feel with your heart which one is the best.

  • @CLCanadyArts That redo looks awesome. I think it would look really cool if the text was made to look like it was embedded/embossed into the leather of the book.

  • The cover really came together after you workshopped it with the group, wow! The final version is eye-catching and mysterious. I love old maps and jewelry with potentially magical qualities... I would very much be arrested by this cover & want to learn more about the book. Outstanding work!

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    Just reading this now. I think the cover has improved a whole lot since the beginning and now it looks quite nice! The only thing I'd do is possibly move the type up a hair. It has had the tendency to be too low all throughout the process. One of my art professors told me, in relation to mattes in frames but I think it also applies to type placement, that the bottom of a matte should always be a little thicker than the other sides, because the eye wants more weight at the bottom. Make sense?

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