Hi guys? Which layout do you think works better and feels most interesting ?

  • Hello guys!

    A client of mine wants a print , so I made some layout sketches ,as i usually do ,to better feel the image.

    Story of a yound male elf who bids farewell to his love , a beautiful god-spirit ,ghosty princess and lets her float away!

    Which layout and viewpoint do you think works better and feels most interesting ?

    Giorgos Christopoulos / G-Chris

    Farewell Concepts.jpg

  • Hello neighbour! I am from Bulgaria. 😁

    I like the most variation E. Maybe B. is good too to present the idea, but the point of view is not that interesting. I like how you analize your composition and show it from different perspective :). Usualy I don't have that much pation 😅
    I would love to see this finished!
    Best wishes!

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos I like E and F, but maybe explore having the spirit turn her body away from the elf?

  • I was originally thinking F, but if you showed both their out stretched arms in D, I think I would choose D. With D you would be able to show an expression on the face of the elf on the cliff, which might help your story that they're having to say goodbye.

  • I personally think D has the most interesting angle but I also like the composition of B, even though it's a bit more static

  • Actually the layout that caught my eye the most is C, because it feels very ethereal and bittersweet. It's the most different of the bunch in terms of composition.

    A, B and F feels sort of the same silhouette wise, but I like B the best of the three. They all feel like a mutual goodbye. The feeling is more "static" or calmer than the others.

    D and E are the most "emotional" of the choices. We really zoom in close their faces and we have a different posing. Although, I think these two layouts seem to carry a very specific narrative compared to the others. The first impression I get is that the lady is leaving him and he's begging her not to go. I think it's cos the lady is looking down at him and his body language feels subordinate. If this is what you're going for, then you could go for either one.

    In summary, I think all the layouts are nice, but they all carry a different story/emotion, so you should choose which one fits your narrative the best. Good luck!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Georgios-Christopoulos they are all really good. I think B and E show the most of her leaving. However I am a sucker for compositions like C. But that feels more like she is coming for him.

  • I like B because of the space all around her (esp. no ground below her). Kind of drives home her new freedom. But I also like D for the dramatic angle.

  • B stands out to me in terms of the emotion you’re going for, even though it’s a pretty traditional angle to show and may not the the most interesting or unusual of the poses you sketched... they’re all good in some way 🙂 One thing that stands out to me from your rough sketches that seemed worth mentioning, just in case it’s helpful (you may already be thinking this), is that if you make the hair and dress flow towards the elf instead of away from him, it would make it look more like she’s flying away. Right now it looks to me like she’s approaching him. Best wishes for this piece! Thanks for including us in your process...

  • These are all really great POVs! I love the feedback @ameliori gave and I think I resonate with that.

    I like B because it shows the distance growing between them along with their expressions which will help read the scene better even though it's a simple perspective.

    D looks way more emotional. So it depends if you want to show a mutual goodbye (as in "B") or a one-sided goodbye (as in "D"). In D, you could try having the spirit turned around facing the camera so that the viewer can see her expression as well. This may help elevate the pain in their parting.

    Great work on depicting the same scene in so many ways!

  • @mariana_0101 Hello Mariana! I am actually programming to come there next year for a Taekwondo championship with my students!!
    Thanks for your opinion!You are great!

    @Laurel-Aylesworth I don t know.In E and F ,the point is her being face to face with the guy..thanks for the opinion though!!It s very helpful!

    @deborah-Haagenson hi!that s the layout most people lean to. thanks a lot!

    @Melanie-Ortins I agree so much with you.thanks!

    @ameliori thanks for the feedback!! I love creating symmetrical compositions like the one you dig the most! I am leaning towards D or C. Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

  • @Chip-Valecek I agree with you. Symmetrical compositions make my day any day! Thank for reaching out!

    @neschof cheers for B. Love that you spotted the difference in their footing!Thanks!

    @KathrynAdebayo Yeah that s true!if I go with an angled option and no the symmetrical one , hair must go towards the elf ,since it has a "departure" meaning. Thanks for taking the time to reach out!You are awesome!

    @Neha-Rawat thanks a lot on those opinions!!You are great!

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    C draws my eye, but E feels so sad, and it sounds like a bitter sweet scene.

  • I really like F best, it seems like the body images convey best the idea you’re trying to get across.

  • Hi Georgios, I think A. is more a dramatic composition.
    When you are drawing the final image, I would recommend that you use the movement of her hair and clothes to illustrate the fact that she is floating away, on some of your thumbnails it gives me the impression that she is arriving to meet him, rather then leaving.
    Great start, cant wait to see how you progress 😀

  • @CLCanadyArts thanks for the feedback!!!

    @Rachel-Horne thanks so much for the opinion.what do you think of a combination between A and F. A layout with the connection they are trying to make on F?

    @cszoltan Great point.Thanks so much for this!!

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos yes I think that could work well - let us know what you decide!

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos

    I like E the best because you can create an expressive curved back gesture -emotionally sunken (heartbreak) along with the slop in his arm. I loved D but D felt more like "no please don't go" desperation instead of a sorrowful goodbye (letting her go) that I believe in E you have created. 🙂

  • Pro

    @Georgios-Christopoulos I like A and B the most for conveying your concept and emotions. D is a really cool angle, but I feel the dynamism and lack of negative space detracts from the message you're trying to tell.

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos Sure, can`t wait to see the next phase.