iPad pro versus Wacom one or Wacom pro 16

  • I need to start with on some sort of display device, the tablet I have is really getting in the way of drawing. Couple questions....
    Can Photoshop CC be used on the iPad pro? I'm maybe looking at refurbished by Apple iPads.
    Alternatively is it hard to transition to Procreate if one has been learning Photoshop?
    Anyone have experience with Wacom One ( really new product I realize!) Or the Wacom pro 16?
    Thanks for any feedback or advice or experience!

  • Hi @Coley ! I don’t have any experience with any display other than an iPad/ iPad Pro... so I am a little biased there 🙂

    But... I use Procreate almost exclusively- only color correcting some stuff for printing in photoshop. You can use a program called Astropad on the iPad if you are really wanting to just use photoshop. From my understand it basically mirrors your iPad to photoshop on your computer (I think I have seen @Lee-White use it.) I have looked into the program and it’s another monthly subscription... and I’m just not wanted to add more to expense at the moment so I haven’t tried it- also I am super happy with procreate.

    I started using Procreate without any digital painting knowledge and I think it is super easy to learn the basics, especially since you know things like masks, lasso tools etc. from Photoshop. It’s really intuitive.

    Good luck hunting! Buying new gear is always fun!!

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    @Coley I use the surfacebook. It is a full windows10 laptop. I love it! I use it for my full time job as a Web Designer/Developer and then at night I flip the screen around and can paint away in photoshop. Best thing is I can take it anywhere.

  • @Chip-Valecek Oh wow, thanks for letting me know! I will look into it!

  • @Annaaronson thanks so much. I did not know about that extra program.. something else to check into. Thanks!

  • @Coley Keep in mind you can only use Astropad if you have a Mac. I have a PC, so I got Duet Pro (similar to Astropad) to use with the Adobe Suite and Harmony, but it’s kinda clunky and laggy so I didn’t end up liking it.

    If you’re not set on using Photoshop, the iPad is awesome. Procreate keeps coming out with great updates, and is easy to learn (it’s not a fraction as powerful as Photoshop, but it’s decent). And Clip Studio is excellent (I like it more than Photoshop—if you’ve been learning Photoshop, you’d feel at home in Clip Studio because it has a lot of the same features).

    If you have a Windows PC or laptop, you’d probably be happier with a Wacom tablet, though! Just so you can use Photoshop easily.

  • @Coley Like Chip, I have a Surfacebook 2 , and I love it. I also recently have been using a Wacom tablet with it and I have been really pleased with the whole set up. A Wacom tablet is hands down more sensitive and satisfying to use than drawing on a screen. For me, that is important because I like the feel of traditional media. I also use an extra monitor and put all my tools on the other screen so they do not get in the way.

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    @chrisaakins so the wacom tablet is working with the surfacebook? I was thinking of getting a huion digital monitor to have in the office so when I am in the office i would have a larger draw surface but when I questioned huion if it would work with the surfacebook and they said it wouldn't.

  • I think there is a version of photoshop for the iPad, but I heard it got pretty terrible reviews. Personally, I haven't used it so I'm not sure if it's bad as twitter has led me to believe. I just bought an iPad pro on cyber Monday and LOVE it. I was planning on buying a Cintiq, but I heard Will Terry mention how he loved the portability and how easy it was to just start drawing. He is correct. I now carry it everywhere and if I have an extra 10 minutes instead of wasting time playing a mobile game on my phone I fire up Procreate and get some drawing done.

    Transitioning from photoshop to procreate is relatively painless. I watched some tutorials for Procreate beginners on youtube and pretty much had the basics down. The one issue I have is that procreate limits the number of layers you can create based off of the size/resolution of your document and the power of the iPad you're using. On my wife's year old iPad (non pro) I can do about 10 layers of 300 dpi at 10" x 14". On my new iPad pro I can do over 40. So if you use a lot of layers its worth the extra cost of the upgrade.

    Sorry I don't have any experience with the Wacom One. I can only say that besides Will Terry's recommendation, the iPad's versatility is what ultimately made the decision for me. There is sooo much it can do and so much software. Even something as simple as being able look at reference photos from a Pinterest board makes it no brainer for me.

    Hope this is helpful and good luck.

  • @Coley Adobe do a drawing and painting app called Fresco which they keep adding features to every couple of weeks. Photoshop is on the iPad Pro but it’s not fully operational yet. It’s a stripped back version. They are intending to make it better. I’m hoping they do.

  • @Chip-Valecek I am using an Intuos and it's doing great.

  • @j-sienkowski what size is your ipad? I am looking at a second generation ipad pro refurbished online now. I'm wondering if it's the 10 layer one versus the 40 lol. I might call them tomorrow to ask more questions.

  • @Coley I got the 12.9” pro. I would also recommend the PaperLike screen protector. It has a texture to it so it doesn’t feel like your drawing on glass.

  • @j-sienkowski thanks!

  • @Coley One other point about the iPad is that Procreate just updated to Procreate 5. With that update, you can now import photoshop brushes! They do need a little tweaking to get all the functions to work similar to photoshop, but it is AWESOME! I still draw in photoshop, but the iPad can go anywhere with me and it's just nice to have that option. Procreate is super easy to learn. If you can use photoshop, then you will have no trouble learning procreate. Plus is it only $9.99 (one time payment with free updates). You can get an iPad 6th generation for $250 plus $100 for the pencil at the Apple store (Apple has free no question returns for 30 days, but I think this is only if you buy it at an Apple store). I would do this rather than a refurbished if that is in your budget. If you find yourself loving it then you can upgrade later. If you don't like it then sell it or keep it for travel.

    As a side note: I do have Astropad and have used my iPad Pro (larger screen) to do photoshop. It has no lag and works wonderfully. The only thing is I don't like how small the icons and text are. Maybe my eyes are just too old. I prefer using my larger screen with my tablet instead for photoshop.

    Hope this helps with your decision.

  • @KC I did order a refurbished pro from apple this morning already,😜. I didn't know about the 6th generation one working with the pencil and procreate. So much to learn!!!! The warranty on the refurbished ones is the same as the new ones. I am super stoked! The portability is huge, I'm often driving my kids places or they need the laptop for school etc so I get kicked off LoL. I'm watching the video class on SVS on using procreate by Will Terry and it seems pretty intuitive!!!! Sooooo excited 💪

  • @Coley Awesome! You will enjoy it! Be sure to look up how to import your photoshop brushes and check out tons of brushes you can buy for procreate. I personally like these:

    Have fun!

  • @Coley Also, I'm going to follow you on IG. Nice work!

  • @KC thanks so much!!! I am excited to know about the photoshop brush import option! Ihave a few I am comfortable with so this is great 🙂

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    @Coley You won't regret ytour iPad purchase. It has had a HUGE influence for me, personally, on my self-confidence and hopes for my professional future. Enjoy learning Procreate--it doesn't do everything Photoshop does, but it's a mighty fine package that gets you much more than half way there, especially with an Apple Pencil. Have fun!!! 🙂

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