• So I’ve already redrawn this 3 times and am not opposed to a 4th. I like how the colors are working through the back of the illustration but I’m not sure if the contents of the snow globe is meshing with the rest of the pallet. Do you think the color/concept is working?


  • @StudioLooong I really like the concept!

    I think the colours in the snowglobe are muted enough that they'll mesh with a lot of different colour choices.

    The big thing that jumped out at me was the boy's skin tone. Is he meant to be in shadow? Less strong light? My immediate read was very VERY cold and a tad lifeless.

    However, the more I study colour the more I've learned that my colour sense ain't great, so take my read with a grain of salt 🙂

  • @StudioLooong what a fun picture! Now my mind has so many questions! 😅❤

  • I love the concept. Somehow I want to see a bit more faces of the snowman and the kid inside the snowglobe, a bit more information on the scene. I do not know why. Maybe I find the scene inside is more intriguing than Will's surprised face.

  • @Braden-Hallett I want him to sit back a bit more in the background and i've been trying to experiment with lighter and more muted pallets. It's a quieter scene so I don't think the colors need to shout but maybe I need to warm him up a tad more.

    @xin-li this is something that I'm struggling with a lot. I've gotten feedback that my portfolio is a bit too "theatrical" in the sense that the action is always turned towards the viewer, even when I play with different points of view. The advice was that sometimes it's better to build tension by not showing all the action in a single image and then paying it off in the next image (which in this case may be the view of the snow globe?). I'm not sure if I'm successfully implementing this idea, maybe this isn't a good image to try to play with that? The idea is that this little fairy type person is hiding behind the snowman to avoid being seen, maybe I could do something more like this?


  • @StudioLooong I have never heard of the term "too theatrical" in the context of an illustration before. This is all new to me and I found it very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. To me, the intriguing part of the image is having a living creature inside the snowglobe. Such a creative take on the prompt. I would also find the image very fun to look at if the fairy is building the snowman, or dancing in the snow without even realize someone is watching her, and Will is being surprised and charmed by the scene.

    If you want the fairy to be hiding from Will, maybe having her turning the head towards him a bit, finding an angle that is different from the boy's face (right now the two faces have the same angle and similar expression :-).

    Hope this makes sense.

  • This is a really fun image! I want to know what happened! Since you asked for feedback I thought I would experiment, I hope you don’t mind. I thought I would see if I could bring more attention to the character in the globe(I missed her at first glance) ...made globe brighter with contrast/ boy darker/ cropped the image/ warm tone on boys face/ subtle back lighting on boy/ eye deform in glass...😁...just a little different treatment...this may be left field from your intent but thanks for posting...![alt text](B8739205-BE50-46EF-9572-F2CEDAEE79DA.jpeg image url)

  • @StudioLooong Really nice image! I especially like the scene in the snowglobe, so much so that I would probably crop it to have a nice single focus on it, like so. 🙂


  • @jbleau wow, this crop is so much better and I like the other suggestions as well, I'll try tp work some of it in as I keep going. I am afraid of it getting a little too dark overall but I like how the snow globe becomes the focus here.

  • @xin-li yes! perfect!

  • @StudioLooong Glad to offer suggestions! Hope they help explore options😁

  • This is super cute!!!

  • Still working on a few things but I thought I’d post an update. Here’s where I’m at with the snowglobe scene, I think the story is coming through a little better now, just need to fine-tune some of the colors and rendering.


  • @StudioLooong looking good!

  • @StudioLooong I really love the colour palette, the image is intriguing...

  • LOVE! Such a fun image

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