Should I send my portfolio to publishers right now?

  • I'm kind of frozen and in need of advice. I wish to work on children's books for publishers. I just don't know if I should start to send my portfolio to publishers (and agencies) or not at this time. Should I take the leap or am I not there yet?
    You can view my portfolio here:
    I will be spending a lot of time on revamping my portfolio this year, adding subject matter and more diverse compositions and colours, among other things.
    Yet to just wait and not start sending in my work feels a bit weird. My style for the largest part will not change. Do you think my portfolio is ready to be sent or not?
    Or should I do it 50/50: start approaching some publishes, while still working on my portfolio, and approach the really intimidating ones next year?
    I look forward to hear from you :)!

  • WOW, your artworks are truly amazing! so dreamy, warm, classic, and whimsical! I really LOVE them. I can definitely see a picture book with your arts inside. I think you just need to complete it with (as you've mentioned) more diverse compositions and colors. Maybe also add some scenes with more detailed backgrounds (outdoor and indoor) as an illustrator we need able to translate the manuscript into the picture. Just go for it!!Good luck!:smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • Send it now and send it again in a year. If you send a postcard and they aren't impressed with your work (which for the record, is not what I think will happen) they will just forget about it. There's no need to wait to make some sort of magical first impression. What I think is more likely to happen is you will send it out and some people will really like it, you spend a year revamping your portfolio and when you send it out again, those people will remember you from the last time, recognize that you are kicking butt and getting better than you already were and really want to work with you. Also, I think that your work is super professional already and you are likely to get work without the updates. The only thing that I would take into consideration is that some places have restrictions as to how often you can submit. Just make sure that you don't spam them with multiple submissions that violate their guidelines (but I feel like 1 year apart should be fine for most agencies and pubs).

  • First off, I lack adequate experience and skill to provide the most valid feedback but from what I see, I think your work is fantastic and would definitely submit your portfolio. I think the 50/50 approach is always a smart way to go because you will always continue to add to your portfolio as you go but at least you can get your feet wet and get the ball rolling with a few publishers for now.

    Again, take it for what it is as I’m just an aspiring artist who doesn’t even have a portfolio yet but I think your work has a very professional and polished look to it and would share if it were mine.

  • SVS OG

    @nadyart go for it girl!!!

  • SVS OG

    @nadyart What beautiful work! You are ready. The illustration with the animals on the cloud dropping leaves and sprinkling water is so gorgeous, it would fit right in to a ipcture book story.

  • Pro

    @nadyart SEND!!! Your art is beautiful and you have a very unique mixed media style. If I was an agent I'd battle against other agents to sign you hihi

  • @nadyart Your art is beautiful! If you feel you're ready I say send. If you send, while continuing to learn and build your portfolio I don't see how you can go wrong.

  • Oh my gosh, yes. I say go for it!

  • Another vote for sending it out! There are always things we can work on and I am learning that people's portfolios are not so much finished as much as they are just a fluid, constantly evolving work in progress. I see your work and I think, oh yeah, totally I can see this in a book.

    You're ready!

  • Gorgeous work! I say send it!

  • @nadyart just go for it Nadya 👍🎨 your works always going to change over time anyway.

  • Go for it. Nadya.
    I am in a similar situation. I plan to get my portfolio sent this month.
    It is a bit scary for me as well, but It was really helpful to hear a lot of other SVS members' experiences here.

  • @nadyart Yes definitely!! your work is beautiful

  • your art looks really great to me and I think the 50/50 approach is a good way. I think from each application, you will learn something and you get a view of what you should still improve.

  • Looks like others have already said a lot of what I would say. So in short, yes you should send it! I'd say this is a relatively low risk thing to do so go for it!

  • Send it now! Love your work. You may get some good valuable feedback. Do 50/50 as you suggested but send your work to 'really intimidating' ones too. I did this, I sent out work to publishers working backwards on my list, not sending to dream clients firstof all and then I thought just for curiosity I'd send to one at the top of my list which was 'Random House' and they gave me a lovely reply commenting on my artwork and said they would show their colleagues. No work came from it but the response was a good boost, it was almost like at a time when I was questioning my direction their comments were some sort of validation if that makes sense.

    So my advice is just go for it, the responses, even if they are rejections, they may shed light on your direction!

    Good luck!

  • @Phil-Cullen thank you for the good advice. I am in teh similar situation. Always good to hear from fellow artists who have done this process before.

  • @lenwen Thank you a lot!!

  • @StudioLooong Thanks so much for your in depth response, I appreciate it a lot and it made me feel more hopeful :)!

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