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    I was doing a color study of a scene from peaky blinders .Its mainly for the lighting...wanted to know what am doing wrong....i kind of getting demotivated after posting it on social media and not getting much appreciation , so thinking something is wrong...but personally i ve learnt lot from doing this,,painting..I will post the original and my WIP..Plleeeasseee do share your thoughts..
    Also, my digital paintings always looks different on different monitors, i am not sure what to do here...
    Looking for any advice you can give on the same.peaky.jpg

    Thank you 🙂

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    @Divya-S-Kumar I think its a great start. Portraits are the hardest. One line that is off and the likeness is gone. I would look at the eyes first. Right now they look to be going in different directions. If you were to draw a line from the pupils they would never intersect. When we focus on something both pupils tend to go in a little so if you were to draw dotted lines from the eyes, those lines would cross at the focal point being the light.

    The nose is different, the photo he has a larger nostril on his left side (photo right side). Also the shading it a little off which it throwing the shape of the nose off.

    If you flip the photo and your piece upside down you start to see shapes more then the person, this will help build the foundation of your portrait.

    Keep going you are on the right track for sure.

  • @Divya-S-Kumar I think you have captured the overall lighting. Maybe a couple things - the whites of the eyes are probably too white, so toning them down I think would help. Also under the chin/jaw he would still be getting some light from the light source I think so maybe some reflected light in the shadow or a softer shadow? And possibly tone the ear down? Far side of face (our left, his right if that makes sense) is rounding away into the background a bit in the photo and not lit up but it's one of the brighter parts of your image so I would darken/soften that a little too so it looks rounder. Hope that makes sense and is helpful! It definitely has the feel of being lit up by a light source in the dark though!

  • If your goal was a lighting study, than I think that it captures the overall feel of the lighting and you should consider it a job well done and mark it off as another notch toward understanding light and color. While it's ok to want praise for your studies, I've personally adopted the philosophy that studies are for learning more than anything else.

    I watched this video years back and at it has really stuck with me: It's about valuing what you learned from an art study more than valuing the study as a piece of art itself. The artist has done a study and in the end deletes it. You don't need to delete your studies, but being less attached to them as objects will help you move forward.

    I'll give you 3 major points if you'd like more specific feedback:

    1. Your details on the face are overriding the lighting on the major structures of the face and it flattens out his features a bit. The solution to this would be to keep up constructive drawing exercises that help you visualize 3D forms of objects and to also get the value structure correct on the major forms before you start establishing smaller details.

    2. Like @Coley pointed out- the white of his eyes are a bit too white, and likewise his collar is too white. You haven't added shadows to it like you have with the face.

    3. You've kept your shadows quite warm, but the shadows in the reference look like they have a blue fill light influencing them. You don't need to be faithful to the reference, but in this case, the cooler shadow side adds a nice dimension to the color palette.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! You've really captured the major idea of the lighting scenario and you should be proud of that, despite a lack of positive feedback.

  • @Chip-Valecek wow thank you so much for replying in such details.. Really appreciate it...!! 🙂 :)yess the eyesss n nose isn't right.. I was feeling it as well but I ve been looking at the reference to n fro... After some point.. I kind of dnt see the mistake and keep getting confused.. Getting feedback from others is so much helpful!! Thank you for the tips!!!

  • @Coley thank you Coley!! That's so much helpful!! I started it off as a light study and got off track with the face details and got obsessed about the face details. :P.. But thank you for taking the time to reply. 🙂

  • @TessaW you guys are awesome. Very few take the time to give such detailed feedbacks.. Thank you.. Yes I had started off as color n light study.. Dno why.. I got obsessed with the portrait.. 😛 thanks for the link.... Ll definitely check it out.. I have hard time letting go..i should have stuck with light study and done more of these...btw.on a side note . This series is pretty awesome and each scene is shot really well... Also not to leave out.. The actor is handsome 😛 may be that's why I was obsessed to get his face right as well.. 😛 but thank you for the your time and your feedback... 🙂

  • These are really great to do as studies. So there are a few things, if its just a study for the lighting I would recommend loosening up, a portrait painted is tough so if your too concerned with likeness and details it can take away from what your studying.

    Don't be to concerned with likeness, squint as much as possible and just find shapes of colour and try to match it if you get me. Sometimes our brains play tricks on us and fill in what we think we should see. We think the whites of eyes are white but they very rarely are actually white, they're in shadow and pick up the ambient light. So in the screen shot reference they're grey but a warm grey from the low ambient light.

    The light source is a lot brighter in tone in the reference image. Overall i think your image is a bit more saturated than the reference.

    I hope this helps. These are a great way to practice lighting, especially scenes with great cinematography and lighting. You don't need to get hung up on details though my advice would be to stay loose.

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    It made me a little sad to read that you were demotivated because of lack of appreciation on social media-the art you have made here is really really hard to do, and most people perhaps don't realize this. Do not let others demotivate you, make art that makes you happy. You should be happy and proud about this piece you have made. I know you did it for lighting but I also wanted to share a tip I once learned in an art class about portraits; I was taught to make a grid over the original, then on your paper draw the grid and then draw/fill in, it works to help keep proportions on point. Happy creating!

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