How to Change

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    @rizzyfig that’s all I’m seeing too. Same episodes, audio only.

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    @Pamela-Fraley we are still behind on getting all of them updated. They will be there shortly. : )

  • @Lee-White You mentioned taking a class on illustration history, would SVS ever consider making such a class?

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    This is so well timed. Perfect. I don't like the digital art that I do anymore. It doesn't feel fulfilling. I want to go more towards a water color pen and ink style. (even it's digital watercolors) I don't have to worry about followers though, as I have almost no social media presence. So I decided to rebrand. I'm going to practice the style for a while doing book cover designs. I like the "Draw 100 Somethings" class on SVS and so I chose book covers. (I know it's not a perfect fit) I'll use these covers to kind of test the waters and see if people like what I do.
    Also, I'm so jealous that Jake moved to Arizona. I really want to move to the Phoenix area. I have this dream of growing a forest in the desert! 😊

    Thanks a lot for this!

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    @StudioLooong Yes, as a matter of fact we are doing a history of illustration class! David Hohn is going to teach it and he knows that subject well. He taught it at the University level for a number of years.

  • @Lee-White cant wait!

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    @Lee-White OH, man, I cannot wait for that class!! That's gonna be so helpful! Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!

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    Great podcast, again. Listening to these podcasts always makes me wish I could have coffee with the three of you and talk about life because you discuss so many of the things I have thought about over the years that apply to so much of life, not just illustration. And by the way, @Lee-White, I have written professionally for my job for 35 years (weekly essay type writing), and I am also an amateur musician and now dabbling in art, and I'm afraid to tell you that of the three, writing remains the most grueling. It's never gotten easier -- I've gotten better but it is still like sweating blood every time I sit down to write and from what I've read, most writers experience the same thing. I have no idea why but writing seems to be a different beast.

  • @Lee-White This is one of my favorite of the podcasts so far. I suspect I'll be quoting it a lot. And I used the inspiration of Antionio Blanco--to invent Antonia Azul, and she helped me kick some today on my various assignments (included the final project for Dynamic Expressions!)

    Maybe we should all pay @Jake-Parker to give us a challenge that would invite us out of our comfort zone.

    I really enjoy the camaraderie of the 3 of you--I fee like your the band of brothers I wish I had.

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    @Susan-Marks Antonia Azul! I love that! I will have to think of one as wel..

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    Alter egos! I love it. Should we all be worried that @Lee-White has so many. I love the fact that creatives don’t have to get burnt out, they just change it up. In my hobby phase, tiny babies sleepless nights, I went from a million different craft hobbies. Scrapbooking, hairbows, painting a mural in every freaking room of my house, jewelry. But the need to create was always there. Now I’ve circled back around to watercolors and have a few goals sprinkled in there. I may design some shirts for a buddy for extreme sports. I’ll need a different name for that! My flip flops aren’t going to fit into his brand.

    I also love the point that you can create whatever and however you please, but be aware of the end result you are wanting. If you are trying to get into a certain market you may need to pay attention.

    I would say, do the new styles go in your social media? Does that mess up your “brand.” But by what you guys do, I’m going to say no. You guys clearly put all your styles on Instagram. And I love it. So there ya go!

    Thanks again for being awesome.

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