Trouble with Colour -Godzilla

  • So I posted my final Godzilla but it's far more yellow than it was suppose to be and brighter too -noted I had my night mode (computer) on and that altered it more than I thought. The leaves are suppose to be yellow but the ground is suppose to be tan/brown not a puke yellow. It shows up okay (better in the night mode) on my computer and terrible on my Ipad (on every mode).

    1. Does the ground come out tan/brown or puke yellow on your screens?

    2. How can I fix it without having to repaint it? -I don't have time for -I have a trip in July I have to pack and plan for.


    I also tried this but it but my Godzilla came out too dark and it didn't fix the yellow much, the worst on my Ipad:


    Any help would mean the world to me. 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd - on my screen the non-night mode seems to be showing the color effectively with the ground a tan color.

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure how you'd go about fixing it but did want to let you know that on my screen it seems to be appearing correctly.

  • @djly the foreground and background ground both tan/brown? -I am more concerned with behind the white/purple branches in the back that is still tan/brown.

    But thank you.

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    It looks tan brown to me, but if you ever want to change a color and not repaint you can select the area, choose the color you want and use the paint bucket-or select the area and use the color balance slider, this only works for solid color spaces like your upper areas. Next time you can also leave color areas on different layers and change the color/saturation of that layer with the color balance slider (sorry layman's terms I am not techy.)

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    If there is someone that knows better -please correct me-thanks!!!!

  • Hey! There is a way to just color correct certain colors. Are you working with Photoshop - cause if you are, I can put together a little walk through tonight. It’s super easy and kind of fun!

  • What program are you working in?

  • And is Godzilla in a separate layer by chance?

  • Actually this video helped me figure it out - better to just give you the source. About half way through she goes into how to select a color and then manipulate it. It’s saved me a lot of time.

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    I see light tan in the center, that turns into an odd yellow.

    If you are in photoshop. Go to Image>Adjustments>Selective color. Choose from the drop down which channel to adjust, probably yellow. Then you can move c m y k sliders back and forth until you like it.

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    It's really nice though. I do like the shadowed version, draws more attention to him. Seems like he is down in a hole of sorts, and light it pouring in.

  • @alicia

    Corel Ess 5/mostly then I moved to photoshop cs6 to see if I can adjust things.

  • @alicia

    He was in different layers but by the end I worked in one layer. I would have normally stayed in many layers, but my process is still not refined enough. 🙂 I started with using lines and back tracked major with keeping him in shapes.

  • @lmrush @kaitlinmakes @CLCanadyArts

    I will play around with your suggestions the best I can early next week, thanks.

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    Hi Heather! Perhaps one of you devices are not color calibrated correctly. My money may be on your computer. Perhaps you can have that checked.

  • @Heather-Boyd, I was going to suggest teying the color change option. They have that in Corel Paint, idk if they have it in ESS or photoshop, though. Basically, it’s like the color fill bucket, but it changes everything of one color to another. It would be a control that’s an option instead of the fill bucket.

  • So I have these edited ones. I am going with the more purple one because it is warmer/lighter and I wanted yellow and purple (complementary colours -I rarely use).



    Thank you for everyone who assisted my blunder through colour -both Corel E5 and PCS6 helped me. ❤

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