• Congrats to the winners!
    I couldn't attend the live crits either but I'd love to watch it if there's a possibility to get a link to the recording. Any new infos on that?

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    I would like to confirm that I didn't receive the email as well. I did check the spam/junk folder as well 🙂 Nonetheless, you are doing a great job @LisaF !

  • maybe the link for the recording can be made available for a short time after if it's not part of the svs classes. Tho I think it would be another fun addition the classes like the one Lee did for April . I think everyone who can show up for the live event still will. Timing worked out for me yesterday so I was able to watch and it was fun 🙂

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    @lmrush I checked my email, I didn't receive notification or a link, I will check and make sure mine aren't going to spam

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience! We haven’t done a big live event in a while, so we are still working out the glitches 😅

    So to answer your question YES, we’ll be posting the video from the live crit in the subscription next week, we’ll send out notification when it’s out 😁

    As for subscribers who didn’t receive the email with the live link, there were a variety of reasons why you may not have received the email:

    •if you have opted out of our email newsletter, you will not receive any emails (except for progress notifications, these are auto generated by a different system)

    •if you have a yahoo address, our email platform is experiencing issues sending email to yahoo, and many of these are bouncing

    •if you cancelled your monthly subscription and moved to an annual subscription, our system may not have recognized the switch

    •if you subscribed very recently, our system may not have caught up yet

    •if you cancelled recently, our system sees you as cancelled even though you may still access through the end of the month

    •various individual scenarios like expired credit cards and such

    Our apologies if you did not get the email! Anyone who contacted me via email before the event, I was able to resend a link to.

    Just fyi, Will, Lee and Jake want to do more of these kinds of events for our subscribers, so we are gonna try doing live crits on the first Thursday of the month for a while to see if there’s interest. What do you guys think?

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    Thank you @LisaF for your response! Much appreciated!

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    Thank you Lisa, You are the best! That is awesome and tell W,L & J crit Thursday would be amazing! Thanks again

  • Nice! Thank you so much for the update @LisaF 🙂

    Crits are awesome to watch, I would definitely like more of that kind of content! It would be nice if the events could be recorded and posted as videos so you don’t have to watch them live though. Because of jobs and life and timezones, it’s just not possible for everyone to watch live sessions. It doesn’t have to be available for ever, could be for a week or until the next session for example 🙂

  • @LisaF That would be awesome to have more live seassons, but offline videos are also cool

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    @LisaF I love the idea of these live events I just wish it wasn't in the middle of the day (which can't be helped for everyone understandably as SVS is available worldwide). Between short lunch breaks, appointments, and life in general maybe a late afternoon/early evening time works for more students? Wasn't the 3rd Thursday timeslot around 2pm CT?

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    @LisaF said in MAY CONTEST: MERMAY!:

    to see if there’s interest. What do you guys think?

    YES!! 😃

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @LisaF I would only be interested if its the 3rd Thursday of the month. You know us old school SVS'ers don't like change LOL. JK that would be great.

    @Jon-Anderson the 3rd Thursdays started in the evening like around 9pm. I believe near the end they moved it to the afternoons.

  • @LisaF love the video crit format. Totally understood all the technical glitches. Thank you so much for deciding to post the videos for subscribers - It will be rare I can catch any of the live events, since I have a toddler home. Already getting excited for the next session.

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    @LisaF thanks for the update! Would definitely be interested for guys to give more critiques - via contest or otherwise.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Chip-Valecek 🤣 Apparently the management doesn't like change either because this is basically gonna be just like the OG Third Thursdays!😜 😂

  • @LisaF Thursday live crits would be awesome!

  • @LisaF I would absolutely love Thursday critiques! Although the critiques for the winners of Mermay were very informative and I enjoyed watching it, I was a bit disappointed that they didn't critique everyone's pieces. I know that would be a lot of work, but that direct critique was SO helpful for me in April that I was really hoping for another critique this time, too.

    So yes, if there is a way to get more personal critiques going, I am all for that!! Especially if there's a video of them posted later. Excellent idea! Thanks so much!

  • Would love to see the old third thursdays back too! I am happy to know that the video will be in the sub area later I missed it as well but I did get an email and it had a link but I was busy and was able to view.

  • @Lee-White im curious did the mixups with the email system also affect you choosing which pieces to consider because I think you mentioned only subscribers submissions would count? Or am I mistaken.

  • @LisaF thanks, it’s good the Critiques are going to be able to view for all of us, those of us that participate, put a lot of of work into these prompts, and the feedback is very important to all of the artists that contributed to the Svs Learn Mermay. That’s why we participated, for the feedback. And of course, living all around the world we can’t be at your same place at your time. What I like about Svs Learn is the accessibility, I can see what I want to see when I want to see it, that’s your strength. I think this live thing is fine but not backing it up with a recorded version is moving away from what makes svslearn valuable.

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