The Moment Before WIP

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    Hi, everyone! I’ve been making some thumbnails for this month’s prompt. Amazingly, this prompt has given me a lot of ideas. Based on Lee’s jaws sample, I wanted to convey this ominous feeling, this impending doom and fear. Some of my sketches are more fluffy while some are more action-packed. Coincidentally, I always circle back to this concept where this lady is holding some sweets and kids are waiting for her to pass by and rob her of the candy. The sketch below is my favorite. Probably because of the extreme angle.





    The top sketch on this is a good contender too but this seems more of the “during the moment” rather than “before”.


    Let me know what you guys think. Thank you

  • Moderator

    I like the top one for the most “the moment before “. Are the characters on the walls, super natural children or demons? Either way, I want to see this evolve. 😃

  • So many choices!

    I really like the final thumbnail with the bear (most likely because of the extreme angle as you said). I almost want to see a hint at what the 'moment after' could be (like the bear being assaulted is particularly... grizzled and picking its teeth with a spear eerily similar to the leaping man's)

    Lookin' forward to seeing which one you pick 🙂

  • I like the top one and also the one of them coming from the top looking down at the cake. "Taking candy from a lady" made me lol
    This looks fun!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I like the one were the kids are under the table with the cake or were the mom is coming through the door. To me those best represent the moment before.

  • I like the one with the kids under the table and the one looking down on the cake, to me they both tell a story that I want to know more of 😃

  • SVS OG

    @hannahmccaffery hi! You mean that 3rd to the last one? 🙂

  • @nyrrylcadiz Yes, thats the one! love the angle!

  • SVS OG

    @hannahmccaffery yeah, i definitely see potential in that one too. ☺️ I even made a more detailed sketch of it.


    However, like I said, it feels more of “during” the moment rather than “before”. If I have time I am planning to go back to it though.

  • @nyrrylcadiz I think it works for 'the moment before' but i know what you mean and it would be a great one to come back to if you decide to do something else for this month 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @hannahmccaffery definitely, i can even make a 2 piece series of sorts of this same woman and these sugar-crazy kids, tormenting her. 😄👍

  • @nyrrylcadiz Yeah that would be amazing! I definitely would love to see more of this story 😃

  • SVS OG

    @nyrrylcadiz Oooh, I love this latest sketch with the kids seconds before reaching the cake. It's so dynamic and the perspective is super fun. You can make this a "moment before" piece if you had the kids not in leap mode but crouching like little tigers on surfaces above the table (maybe on fridges and sacks of flour or sugar, or just shelves high up. And you can have the baker looking like she's unaware, maybe hunched over in the process of decorating the cake.

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