Featured Student for May

  • SVS Team

    The featured student for April is up on the SVS homepage and the Q&A is up on the SVS blog, so here is a new post for those who want to get their work featured in the Student Art Gallery on the SVSLearn.com homepage for May. To be considered share 1-2 of your best pieces (you can reshape an image you posted last month, but this is also a great opportunity to push yourself and add a new piece to your portfolio) on this forum post. Make sure to share your image during the first 10 days of April to be considered for May. Also, make sure your images are at least 800 pixels on the shortest side and do not exceed 1mb in size.
    Work will be selected based off of how well the work uses the following:

    Concept: how well does your illustration convey a clear concept/story. Is it a unique approach? Does it make me want to know more about what is happening in the illustration?

    Technique: How is the composition working? Does it have good use of lighting, rendering, mark making, etc.? Does the technique compliment the concept?

    If you are selected, we will message you using the chat feature on the forum. Besides your art being displayed on the homepage, you will also be sent some questions for a Q&A blog post that will be shared on the SVS blog.

    I’m can't wait to see your work!

  • Here are my 2 favorite at the moment. !treetrumpetSVS.jpg )


  • here are my newest pieces!



  • C1B24993-CFC8-44B7-9FD3-8CC7E3B557DD.jpeg

  • I made this 4 page comic book story for a graphic short story here in Ireland. It's about an astronaut who is exploring a mysterious planet when he receives a distress call. I'm working on my comic book sequential at the moment and playing around with my style. I didn't letter it because I'm trying to learn how to tell a story with just visuals and keep learning as I go. I'm trying to make my art a lot more cinematic too so I felt that joining SVS and doing some courses and learning (which I hadn't done in many, many years) would be a great help!





  • Hi I decided to put different images in for this month. Both were inked on paper then colored digitally
    BFEDD464-C2EB-45AB-921E-C0AC24A52DCB.jpeg C210F33C-E347-427E-9558-0534E02FAB83.jpeg

  • SVS OG

    @lovetherobot Hey! Are you based in Dublin? I entered that competition too. Let me know if you're based bere as I'd love to meet up and maybe even do some drawing practice sessions together sometime if you're up for it.

  • SVS OG

    @lovetherobot Btw, love the comic!!

  • @ShannonBiondi Hey Shannon thanks I'm based in Dublin also, did you enter that competition too LOL I liked working on it.

  • SVS OG

    @lovetherobot I did, yeah! Haha! I tried to post my entry here but it was too big. Happy to share it with you if you're on social media? My insta is @abhainn_fionn Shannon Biondi on FB. Hit me up there and we can chat more? It's cool to meet someone on here who's in the same town!!!

  • Decided to try a comic page this time, too!

    alt text

    alt text