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  • @Lee-White (you seemed to have drawn the straw to be the SVS guy who reads the forums 🙂
    Would you be open to ideas from participants for podcast topics?

    How about: Describing each of your "processes". Many times in the podcasts one of you will say "well, before I figured out my process, I used to make the following mistake. But now that I've got my process nailed, I'm much less likely to make that mistake."

    I've gathered what these might be (thumbnail, work out details before moving on to the next steps)--but I'd really enjoy and learn from hearing you all spell them out.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Hi Susan! Sure, we love podcast suggestions! : )

    I'll mention this one to Jake and Will and see what we come up with.

    BTW, I LOVE the forums! So I'm definitely here by choice. 🙂

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    @Lee-White Maybe this could be lumped in with another topic but I'd love to hear some pointers on book dust jackets, creating them, software, and how to make them effective from a design and sales point of view. Maybe a topic on dust jackets, covers, and endpapers. Thanks!!

    Also, a podcast about the best live streaming options for illustrators. Twitter Live vs Instagram Live vs FB Live Vs Twitch Creative vs Periscope vs YouTube Live etc. Also, your reasoning for doing an SVS podcast that is only audio vs one that is also there a benefit of one over the other?

    PS I've researched some of these and I'm still not sure if there is a clear winner, but I'd love to hear if you guys explored some of these.

    Thanks, guys!!


    I guess some of my questions for whether or not to podcast using video vs audio are as follows...

    Is one more cumbersome than the other?

    Is editing easier if it is only audio?

    Do you find you have a broader listener reach with an audio podcast vs video?

    Are other creatives more likely to say yes to interviews if they know they won't also be on camera?

    How many hours roughly does it take to create your podcast, research topics, edit, execute, advertise etc?

    BTW, the SVS podcast is awesome! I always look forward to new ones!

  • @Lee-White I also love the podcast, it was actually how I found out about SVS and is currently my favourite industry podcast.
    One topic I would like to suggest is how do you decide on what personal projects to do or subjects to study?
    I find it's easy to come up with ideas for projects or things I should study but hard to decide which ones I should actually put time into and that leads to me procrastinating while I try to decide. Based on some topics in the forum I don't think I'm the only one.
    Likewise are there ever times when you realise that after trying a new study method or starting a new project that it isn't worth the time and stop?

  • @Susan-Marks - I'd also love a process episode! Nice suggestion.

  • I agree an episode about processes would be insightful. But I'm most interested in any nuances with how you work that you feel is different from other creators.

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    Next Episode: Our Process!

  • Hi Jake- How about talking about color studies.....I’ve been asked to create them for each new portfolio piece as part of an SCBWI workshop on portfolio illustrations. Johnathan Bean is the instructor.
    Should I be thinking about color studies when planning an illustration? Are they that important? What tools should I use? How detailed should they be? Can they revive an image that’s lacking something?
    I see your next podcast topic is “Process.” Are color studies part of your standard process?
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on color studies.

  • And.. what about a podcast or why not a class, about Design?

  • You guys ever think about interviewing illustrators that used svs and now work professionally? Or maybe were professional but were struggling until they started using svs? Or some kind of art student interview?

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    Recently, Lee White mentioned that he's been busy with a tricky book project. This got me thinking, what makes the project tricky and how will he handle it? This might be a good podcast topic for all three - what tricky projects have you had, and how did you complete the project or solve the problem?

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