"Big" WIP - feedback requested

  • I'm a fan of 4... The feeling of it seems magical. šŸ™‚

  • OMG. #15 for sure.

  • My favourites are 5 and 15 I think they give you great story telling opportunities

  • I'd go with any of the ideas with the truly giant child. Being able to contrast the massive munchkin with itty bitty real boats and such will make the concept read nice and easy šŸ™‚

  • I seem to be alone, cause 12 is too cute to me

  • Nah, @ThisKateCreates , I'm with you there. I'd say 2, 5, or 12. All of them are fun concepts that could be really fun to execute.

  • SVS OG

    Thanks @Aaron-Pierce @ThisKateCreates @Braden-Hallett @DOTTYP @Laurel-Aylesworth @KathrynAdebayo for taking the time to share your votes and notes. It's incredibly helpful!

    Last night, I explored numerous concepts for the Godzilla kid idea which got the most votes, none of which felt or looked quite right. Reluctantly, I went to the 2nd most popular thumbnail, of the giant girl in the bed, and things started falling into place. I changed the composition and added a few more details (e.g., a cat, a ceiling light, and 2 older siblings). I might also draw a kite somewhere in her room, and then follow through with a sequence of 3 images at some point that ties in with some of my other thumbnails. Lastly, I refined my idea: Being the youngest, Penny was always wishing to be big so she could do big kid things. Then one day, her wish came true.

    If I had more time this month, I'd probably explore more thumbnails and compositions but this seems to work for now.

    Still, I welcome any feedback throughout my process, and thank you in advance!


  • @johanna-kim I'm glad you picked #2. That was my favorite. It's very rich, story wise. I like your thumbnail. The composition follows the rules of thirds and the eye travels in a triangular shape from the child's eyes -> Family -> Cat -> back to Child. Looking great so far!

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    @johanna-kim Here's my progress update:

    • Selected, revised, and put aside three thumbnails for possible story development and/or sequence of illustrations.
    • Quick value study of the big kid being discovered in her bedroom.
    • Quick color study of the one of the value studies.

    Time to step away and do something else. Plan to return for a fresh look and assessment later tonight or tomorrow. As always, feedback, positive or negative, is always appreciated.


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    @tom-shannon Thank you for the encouragement. It's always, always appreciated:) And I hope you meant #5 (girl being discovered in her room), because that's what I selected (at least until I get lots of negative notes).

  • @johanna-kim Oh this is so good. I guess since it's morning, I'd go with the warmer tones. The purple one definitely reads nighttime to me.

  • SVS OG

    I really like the yellow comp you made. Somehow, iā€™m just really drawn to it.

  • This composition is really lovely, and i love all the little details you've added, will your characters be in pyjamas? I always love illustrating people in pj's for some reason! I like the yellow colour tones too, especially if it's meant to be morning, you can play around with lots of nice warm tones and lighting!
    Maybe you could try different positions for the cat, I guess when the illustration is finished you'll be able to tell where the best place would be to put him so that the whole illustration is balanced

  • @johanna-kim Oops! LOL! Yes, I meant #5. Not sure why I wrote down #2. LOL. I'm a little dyslexic, these things happen:-) Keep up the good work.

  • SVS OG

    @hannahmccaffery Thanks so much for your notes, Hannah! I was planning to dress them all in pajamas, with clues as to what they were doing right before they rushed to Penny's room; hopefully it'll add to the storytelling. And your notes about the cat's positioning is spot on. I've been moving that cat around a lot:) But after a fresh look at my progress, I'm re-thinking the composition. It's not completely resonating with my creative sensor (located in my gut:) but I'll post an update later today.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Hi All: I returned to my thumbnail/values stage and made an alternative (B), which shows a different perspective. The idea is she's yawning and in doing so, pops the roof off the house. Would appreciate any feedback or preference between (A) and (B).

    I'm aware that (B) still needs work to get the perspective correct (been having some trouble in this area) but just want to see if I'm heading in a good direction. Thanks in advance!0_1547605495715_big-Thumbs5.jpg

  • In my opinion B looks amazing. šŸ™‚ There are so many added storytelling elements that work so well... the small shoes, the sagging bed...
    in case it's helpful, at the moment, it looks to me like the family might be entering the room from outside because of the way the ceiling popped off so cleanly (like it's the edge of the building).
    I'm excited to see your piece when it's done, whichever direction you take with it. I really like the idea behind this. šŸ™‚

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @johanna-kim I also like B. I would work on her expression. Right now she doesn't come off as yawning. Maybe if you keep one hand over the mouth and then other pushing the ceiling it might show more as yawning.

  • Wow I really love option B, wonderful perspective and I absolutely love the family's expressions! I agree about her expression though, at the moment it looks a little like she's roaring and ripping the roof off haha! Maybe adding the hand over the mouth as @Chip-Valecek says, or perhaps you don't need her pushing the roof off? To me it would work just as well if she was yawning but looking quite squished into the top of the room, it would give us even more of an idea of how big she has become!
    Can't wait to see this finished šŸ˜ƒ Love it!

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