Inktober over- now what?

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    So now it’s all over - what did you take away from the experience and what’s next for you?
    I am taking away that I really need those thumbnails to get to good ideas and that means more prep time. Not sure I’d do inktober again but who knows.

    I am thinking of doing the draw 50 things exercise next - to do one big image and take my time to get the drawing right. So maybe a combo with slo-vember. What about you guys? How do we keep the momentum going?

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    @missmushy I’ll do the 50 things with you! I actually started a while back but it’s been sitting and waiting for me to get up my muchness to finish. 😬

  • I gotta get back to my 'draw 100 animals'. Inktober kinda stalled it 🙂

    Then after that it's gonna be 100 fanarts in the hopes that I get a handful of sellable prints out of it for conventions

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    Congrats everyone! I still have to do my last one but after that I will have done one for everyday. I think this is the first time I haven't missed a day or gotten behind. And after that.... SLEEP! I learned how valuable drawing every day is because I could see improvement and likewise also how important it is not to rush (because the quality dropped drastically). My main focus of improvement going forward should be the thumbnail and design phase. I waited too often until the end to think about values and lighting and of course those pictures weren't nearly as good. I'll be a new dad again within a week so I may have participate in Slowvember by necessity but it's all good. I want to revisit some of my Inktober ideas and make them stronger and build up a portfolio.

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    My next project is Draw 50 Things but I'm starting on easy mode with Draw 25 Things. I had the idea sketched out back in August but my Inktober ambitions took over for awhile, then I wanted to do the SVS challenge because monsters. But my mediocre Inktober efforts helped me figure out what my characters in the Draw 25 Things project will look like, so it all worked out!

    After that I should really make some book covers if I want to get picked to do book cover work...

  • I am glad I did it but also glad it's over, I put in a lot of time and did some of the how to ink classes and it felt like the having to post something was both good and bad. Good it kept me practicing and healthy to see how dependant I've become on digital a needed wake up call. And bad in that I think I need to practice all the boring, unpostable things for a month and in a way posting something kept me in my old habits, not really mastering new technique.

    I don't know if I can manage this, but MAYBE I will try a month of doing those inking exercises daily, like an art gym routine. The straight, curved, thick to thin lines and ovals, the difference between making likes with your arm, wrist and fingers. See if I can get rid of my wobbly, unpredictable lines. So hard!

    Do you guys remember this Sesame Street composer character? I felt like this a lot during inktober:

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    Congrats everyone!
    It was a really nice experience for me! Doing the pieces themselves wasn't hard, but since I made a print collection it's all the surrounding things that were hard work for me: learning how to open and launch a shop. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of youtube videos about handmade businesses while working. In many ways I feel like my Inktober isn't over yet, as I still have to open my shop haha. I'm working on making all my listings photos now and it's taking a long time haha

  • Congratulations to everyone who participated. I learned so much, a lot of which has already been echoed above.

    Realized that I need to slow down, and yet with that, learning to keep things moving forward. That is really challenging for me, I tend to oscillate between rush rush get it out the door, and slow struggle never get it done.

    For me doing something everyday was tremendously valuable for getting things done, even if I felt like I cut corners too much.

    I'd like to keep the momentum going, but I may slow it down to 2 - 3 times per week so that I can take a little more time working out problems.

    I like the idea of having a deadline still and doing something no matter what, so I'd like to keep that going and find ways to improve my process within those constraints.

  • @art-of-b let me know when you do 100 fan art. Maybe I can do it with you. It would be fun.

  • Seeing everyone's interpretations of the prompts was so inspiring, can't wait for next year! ☺
    There's also a challenge coming up in November called "Folktale Week", which looks very fun and many artists are joining, which can be seen under the #folktaleweek / #folktaleweek2018 hashtags. The prompts are – forest, magic, witch, ghost, insect, mirror and animal. All the arts made to preview the challenge look amazing!

  • During Inktober last year I learned that doing a drawing every day was too much. Therefore I limited the number of illustrations this year. I only drew the prompts that inspired me the most and paid more attention to the rendering. If it took me more than one day to finish, I didn't mind.

    So what is next? The same as last year. SLOWVEMBER!!! Just like last year, it is going to be a winter/Christmas scene. Last year I used the dry brushing technique ( and this year I'm following the '10 steps digital painting' to render it (

    While reading all your comments I remembered I still have a list for the Draw 50 Things as well... Who knows, maybe next year ☺

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    I’m going to try and get “ship to happen!” I wanted to make a collection of 31 greeting cards. I still want to print them all as a set. Which means painting them and scanning and formatting them. Some of them I really like and even could sell as stand alone cards. I asked a cute boutique I was shopping at today if they would be interested in selling my work. They said they would love to see the reproduced images. I’m sure they can’t tell what the actual cards will look like from originals. They want to make sure the copies look professional I’m sure.

    Like I said, I don’t think the set is sellable, but some are! Yay!!!!!!!! So, keep your fingers crossed that I can make ship/sell happen!

    Slowvember will be comprised of two commissions for Christmas presents and two Christmas presents for family.

    Way to go guys! It’s all about what you learned! Great job and can’t wait to see what you guys do next. I would love to do a week long challenge. Anyone know or want to do a watercolor challenge?

  • I’m going to work on 3 things. First, this weekend I’ll be producing a painting for Art Con 14 in Dallas. After that, I’m going to slide into Slowember and take my time translating my acrylic painting style into Photoshop (up until this point the majority of my digital work has been vector based in Illustrator) to produce a new portfolio piece. During that, I’ll also be developing and nailing down character designs for a sci-fi graphic novel, since Inktober brought a little interest my way for comic book work. Basically, I love to keep busy!

  • I’ve been trying my hand at digital painting for the last few months. I am gong to switch over to traditional and try to sharpen some watercolor skills. Maybe work on some Christmas imagery.

  • I created a story based on the random official prompts of Inktober and I challenged myself to tell the story without words.

    I wanted my first story to be a project where I showcase everything I learned so far including gesture, extrapolation, composition, storyboarding. I thought I'd feed the portfolio beast with visual storytelling, since I had no sequential art there. I'll take a break then start coloring these 😃

    Not sure yet what I'll be doing life is meaningless... I kid xD
    I have a list of stuff I want to do but I'll take the weekend off then decide where to start. It will be a mix of traditional watercolors to practice colors, and digital illustration to practice painting in 2 different styles, impressionist and a cartoony style. so it's mostly going to be character design and colors from now and till January I guess.

  • I was feeling so lost, not knowing what to do for half a day! Then I picked up my copic sketches and made a fall painting for my daughters bed room 😂 I think I have missed the colors a bit.

    I learned so much from inktober. Being a nooby and doing this for the first time it was a bit scary and daunting. Especially with putting it all on instagram, even the less good ones. And now I look back at them all and I start seeing so much improvement. Line work, compostional wise as well as (do I dare to say it?) perspectives. I challenged myself particulat on these three things so it's fun to see some improvement.

    My brother has asked me to do illustrations for his upcoming book. I think that's so crazy and scary. I'm totally not that good but at the same time, I feel so honored that he has asked me and am working the thumbnails like crazy! What I find hard is that the thumbnails are awesomely perspective but then when I do a larger version of it, all proportions fly out the window although the points are at the same distance as on the thumbnails... So that's something that occupies my mind and time right now.

  • I need to slow down. Inktober was exhausting especially on days that resulted in less quality work. I will be doing Slowvember as a waterscape or cloudscape painting in acrylic. I will be doing thumbnails and the such on digital.

    I also need to finish up Drawing Fundamentals class, I am working on hands and feet this week. I couldn't keep up during Inktober. I was able to work on a few practises. I want to finish another class.

    Thanks for checking up on us,


  • I needed a rest after Inktober 🙂

    I loved every second of it though … so that was a strange feeling. I learnt so much. I've never used traditional ink before, so it was really fascinating seeing how that behaves but the main thing I learnt was, I ADORE drawing my own character.

    Inktober was the first time I drew her over a long period of time, and I've never so much fun before 🙂

    The only thing I've kept doing daily since Inktober is Gesture Drawing with QuickPoses … I love gesture drawing, but I want to start improving my character drawing skills now 🙂

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