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  • Watching the get 10k followers. I have a question. Is it useful or beneficial to show WIP on social media? I like to see it personally. But is it helpful? Does it detract from professionalism? I'm trying to (albeit ever so slowly) build up my following and I was wondering .

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    @chrisaakins personally I think it would be fine. I am no master at the whole social media game. When I try to post on a schedule I do not see any more followers then if I posted at random times. I usually get about 1 to 2 new follows per post. I feel they come from the #hashtags.

    I heard some people say overnight they will get 100+ followers, but I have yet found that pot of gold. I think if someone promoted your work, thats when the followers would come in. But that is my take on it. Again I am no master at it.

  • I share works in progress in my "story" on instagram. The algorithm likes accounts that make use of all the different features and they just added some functionality that makes it easier to ask questions and get feedback from your followers on stories. I keep the images I post to my feed a little more curated and finished, that way if someone lands on my account and doesn't click to read anything they see my best work. Another good way to integrate W.I.P. is to post it as a multi-image post or process video after the fact along with the final art.

  • @studiolooong What a good bit of knowledge. I have not been using that feature. I need to give it a try.

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    I like to keep my feed clean and with good finished pieces in it so if someone is finding it for the first time they'll see all the good stuff right away! I actually went back just last week and deleted some pieces that I felt were bringing down my profile. However people do like to see WIP! So like @StudioLooong I like to share what I'm working on in my instagram stories. Sometimes I'll also share a WIP in my regular feed, and delete it later when I post the final piece 🙂

  • I think it's only beneficial when people ask you to show your process. Otherwise, finished pieces, as a rule, have more likes and engagement. But I'm sure it can't hurt if you use stories for that (many artists do) or add process images after the finished piece in one post. Good luck!

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    I only post finished pieces and treat it as a “mini portfolio”. The look of your feed is massively important in gaining new followers, so I try to keep it clean and well-designed as much as possible.
    However, you can post WIPs as part of the post (with the swipe function) or in your story, as @StudioLooong suggests, or post mini-videos from start to finish. People do like to see those and I also have to be a bit more courageous with that. Look at Beatrice Blue feed for an excellent example of how it´s done - she has a massive following and the fact that she shares her process certainly plays a role in that.
    Feel free to experiment by posting stuff and deleting it when it doesn’t work... So you learn what your followers want and still keep your feed clean.

  • Thanks everyone for this discussion. I have enjoyed thinking about this. Still thinking and chewing on my "brand" . I do know that I am loving the exercise of inking every day and seeing how people react to my inktober pieces.

  • adding to what's been said:

    • think of your Instagram uploads in sets of 3 or as a chess board or in some form of a macro design. if that makes sense. For example you can use 3 posts to show 3 different stages of the same illustration, or to show the same style (ink/pencil/colors), 3 different portraits, or you can post so every other post is in pencil/ink. find your own feed design. may be it's about gradual change in color? greens, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blues then greens again?

    • also you need to make sure there's good lighting for when you take photos of your traditional art.

    • try to use 1 or 2 objects in every single traditional photo when possible to give the sense of unity and consistency. may be it's a neutral background, or your pencil or inking tools....etc or use a certain palette or colors for your photos.

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    @heidigfx I try to use the checkerboard system. It fails every so often, but its mostly on track. After reading @smceccarelli response I went through and deleted a lot of progress posts that were muddying up the portfolio goal of my posts. I have a bad habit of wanting to post something AS SOON as I finish. I resisted that this week and waited until I had a good contrast piece to go in between my inktober posts. I will post my progress stuff in my story from now on. Now that I have a couple followers, people are actually looking there. LOL

  • @studiolooong I like your instagram feed. This is indeed very clean and consistent and your style is showing in every piece!

  • @julia thanks so much! I've really been trying to develop a consistent look over the past 4-6 months and I think it's starting to pay off. I still have a long way to go but for forever I was sitting just under 300 followers and since trying to up my game I've increased to almost 550! Hopefully it keeps growing!

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