Critiques please!

  • Id love some feedback on this piece i just finished up! Mostly wondering how well the concept reads but anything you notice about colors/rendering etc please let me know as well! Thanks so much! 0_1537405104680_ridingaladybugsmall.jpg

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    That's so beautiful! Amazing rendering, just beautiful!
    As far as the concept, it's really fun! I'm maybe a little bit confused about the mouse's expression and body language, it read as scared or tense but why? Everything seems to be going pretty well atop this ladybug, and the saddle + reins seem to suggest the mouse is prepared and has done this before, so I'm not sure what the little critter is scared about...

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    @amelia-bothe I agree with @NessIllustration what is the mouse scared of? Everything else is great, love the colors.

  • Lovely colors, lighting, fur texture... so many wonderful elements to this piece! I love the concept as well. To me, the expression of the mouse is telling us something we can't discern from the still image - maybe the bug is actually traveling really fast! Or the saddle is hard to balance on. Anyway, it doesn't seem like a strange expression to me, though you could always go deeper with the storytelling and make the concept a bit more clear.

    Here's a small detail you may want to consider... The leaf has enough room to curl behind the mouse's head, but the pointed stick supporting it comes in front of the ear. The image is so realistic that my mind wants to believe that it's possible, but I don't think it would be in real life. I think the stick's position would look more logical behind the ear.

    Another thought is that you may want to play around with the background color just to see how a slightly cooler color might help the warm subjects be more grounded. That's just an idea though. The way you have it may be the best color in regards to the mood you're going for.

    I'm grateful that you shared this with everyone! It's a tremendous piece showcasing your strengths.

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    This is beautiful! I suggest adding a cool light coming from the upper right side of your image to compliment the bright yellow one. Overall, I have nothing to critique. Great job!

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    @nessillustration i agree. Perhaps add a line of baby bugs crossing the street/road. Or perhaps something is blocking the road like a rock. Or maybe the mouse saw his enemy. It would be a great way to have more of a story to the piece.

  • Wow realy great image! I love the colors, rendering and concept as well! The only thing that is "bugging" me. Is that the sedle wit the cris-cross pattern makes optical illusion. I dont know if its convex or concave. I dont know if the pattern does it or the shading, but this part needs more clarification.

    Other than that it is lovely piece 🙂 Great job!!

  • Wow, you've got skills! Lovely piece!

    Over all, I think my biggest critique is that this feels like a bit of a tease. You've presented it as a character design with the simple background, but you've introduced such strong story telling elements with it's pose, gaze, and expression, that it feels like a bit of a let down not to have more of the story presented. At least a hint of an environment and other clues to what is in store for this mouse. If you had made the pose/expression more nuetral, then the simple background makes more sense for me.

    For a nit-picky technical critique- I would agree that the basket weaving on the saddle is slightly distracting. It, along with the leg on the right, is demanding a lot of visual attention. I'd suggest lowering the contrast on it slightly. Perhaps adding a bit of shading to the overall form of it, making it more clear if it's concave or convex and perhaps lightening the values of it's deep shadows just slightly. You might also consider lowering the contrast of that right leg sticking out of the silhouette a little as well.

    Just a couple of thoughts! Again, it's a lovely piece that shows off your skills very nicely. I would love to see it in some sort of environment with more story telling elements- it would be an even bigger treat for your audience!

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