Fall WIP starting at the beginning

  • I am choosing to challenge myself and do a full mock spread on this topic. I want to enter into the children's book world and I am starting pull together a portfolio. So as far as this project goes I want to share my process and get some feed back as I go, rather than at the end when it is too hard to change. This is a really rough compilation of my sketchbook sketches pulled into photoshop so that I can figure out the composition. What do you think? Is it too busy? are there any major red flags that you see? Thank you in advance.

  • @mandy-forte

    Great to hear you are challenging yourself.

    This is in pretty rough stage I would say, so my advice would be to make sure you dont over do it with confusing details, figure out focus points and readability. When you are working on a such complex illustration it is easy to get lost in it I think. But the results are worth it when you get it right.

    Other then that it looks fun to me and best luck with it :).

  • @jonas-zavacky you are right, I got ahead of myself. I am going to go back to simple shapes to fully get the foundation in. Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    @Mandy-Forte The characters are varied and darling! Great job! For perspective you might consider that people in the foreground should look slightly larger than characters in the background with a comparable build, so maybe blow those front ones up a bit? I can't wait to see it come together!

  • SVS OG

    The figures are well-drawn and I like the variety of activity (I find "Busytown" scenes fun), but I would vary the perspective to make the figures different sizes. Also, of course, once you put in your darks/lights/colors certain emphases will emerge.

    I look forward to seeing this piece progress!

  • I did a mock up of my values before I read the rest of the comments. I like the values but I have moved some of the things around. I just wanted to show my progress so that I don't give up. Thanks


  • 0_1536976539487_fallpencillines.jpg

    so this is my final pencil sketch.

  • I can't seem to upload/comment on a post. Meaning I can't submit my entry for fall. I am posting this to see if it works here.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @mandy-forte how large is your file? Make sure the largest width is 1500px and try bringing the dpi down to 72dpi.

  • So I had some weird mix up with my membership and that is why I couldn't post but it is fixed now. I am a little bummed I couldn't turn this in on time but I did finish it and want it to post it somewhere. 🙂


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