Spider with foot long teeth? - another Wizard of Oz piece

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    Well i think i'm getting close to finished with the Oz project 🙂 it has been a while since i worked on one of my Wizard of Oz pieces but i feel like this one is fitting in with the level of finish (slightly loose) and mood of the others..?

    • the text describes the giant spider as having a row of footlong teeth, legs the size of tree trunks, covered in coarse black hair, ability to grab with its legs, and big as an elephant,
      ...it's funny how i always notice things when i post them here... like the missing hair on the right side of the mouth... anyways..any comments or critiques always very much appreciated 🙂
      (If you have not seen the other Oz pieces most of them are on my portfolio site kevinlongueil.com - i put the spider in the middle of the slide show there to see if it stands out in a bad way or not)

    0_1499371097478_spider 2.png

  • @kevin-longueil This is definitely scary. And just as beautifully rendered as your other pieces on your website. (I like the lion with the crown!) It's difficult to 'see' that the teeth are a foot long and the legs are like tree trunks with out having something else in the illustration for reference. Ya know? For all we know it could be a close up.... not sure this is helpful.

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    @kevin-longueil what a great series you did with them! The spider looks great.

  • Wow you have some amazing images!

  • This is amazing!

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    @katrina-fowler Thank you Katrina! (and congratulations on last months challenge!)- really appreciate the feedback - i agree there is nothing to establish scale here - i tried to draw this guy off an on for quite a while - aways moving on to someone else in the story because it was not working out - it wasn't until i stopped trying to show scale and just did a portrait like the other pieces in the series that it began to feel right and i was able to finish it - i know i am not supposed to rely on the text to explain an illustration but i think i am leaning on it quite a bit for this one because it could easily be a closeup of a tiny spider as you say.
    Thank you too for the kind words about the website pieces ...i think the Lion with the Crown might be my favorite too... i was thinking of having having the virtual cover for the book be either the four main characters laid out Brady Bunch style or having just the Lion with the Crown as the cover - not sure ..might be strange to have just the lion though ...not sure 🙂
    @Chip-Valecek Thank you Chip!
    @ambiirae Thank you Amber!
    @TessW Thank you Tess!

  • Thanks for the scare lol! This spider looks fantastic the shading is amazing.

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    Very beautiful piece - All the textures are amazing!

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