100Kids turns 50!

  • As I posted here months ago (and then forgot to update....), I have started a project to do 100 small illustrations (mostly vignettes) featuring kids around September 2016. In the last weeks I have slacked on the rhythm (two per week was my goal), but I have now crossed the halfway line! Looking back at all 50 gives me actually a good motivation to go on until the end. Here are all thumbnails, as well as a preview of no 50, which is nearly finished.

    alt text
    alt text

    Now I am looking for renewing the goals and the focus for the next 50 - what should I concentrate on? Stylization? Simplification? Different rendering styles? Character consistency (that is, series of illustrations of the same character)? The possibilities are endless. The only limitations is that they have to remain mostly single character illustrations and mostly vignettes, as I can only dedicate a limited number of hours to each. Suggestions are more than welcome!

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    @smceccarelli Wow! Very inspiring! Love the plump horse under the knight too 🙂

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    @smceccarelli this is so awesome! I've seen a lot of your progress on this. What a huge challenge! Congratulations. Can't wait to see the next 50. ☺

  • Looks amazing:) you must be very self driven, congrats!

  • Wow! Amazing work. I have no idea what you could do better sorry.

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    Wow, so inspiring, such dedication, thank you for sharing! Looks fantastic

  • Beautiful work here,inspiring !!

  • A M A Z I N G! Such a lot of work! Bravo! I love the expressions of the kids and all the experimentation you have done! I think the only thing to work on now is consistency. many of your children (from the small thumbnails) look as if they could have been done by different artists. Maybe for the next fifty, decide on the "look." For instance, if you look at the first row, the girl in the pikachu suit has a face that is incredibly simple with hardly any definition in her face. But the girl on the end has lots of shading and definition in her face. Which one do you prefer? Can you make fifty more showing that preference?

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    Incredible! I love these - great work, and what a milestone on a big goal! Keep going!

  • @smceccarelli wow, congrats on getting this far! Seeing them all together is inspiring. And your number 50 - haha I love that horse!
    I think for your next 50 you should work on consistency - not a single character, per se, but a look that carries through, which might include both the style of drawing and rendering. If you're trying to get better at a more naive look (for a certain secret project!) then perhaps this would be a great opportunity to practice that.

  • Love it! I actually think that overall they look like the same illustrator did them and the style differences could be attributed to different books. I would just keep doing what your doing and see where it takes you. These are amazing!

  • These are freaking awesome.

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