How to make it to the top 16

  • Great comments!

    @jdubz Well said Josh!

  • @Jeremiahbrown I thought the shark was the traveler and the old man was his way of traveling. There seemed to be dialogue bubbles from each character and the title put the shark first.

    Since I'm a writer learning to illustrate, for me, story is king. This prompt generated a full story for me in the first day so it was hard not to make illustrations more complete than a character on a white background. I didn't make the cut but I do have a complete story that fulfills my lifetime goal of writing strong female characters. I also tested my images and ideas with local folks and parents and they're all excited to see more. So I won without winning and am quite pleased with how it turned out.

    I do find that trying to please the judges does prompt me to reach farther and more boldly than I might on my own. So that's a win too.

  • I agree story is King. My take on getting in is to have the image tell the story completely. Unless there is text provided I would avoid it at all costs. First, the hosts/judges can’t possibly be expected to read 110 stories! They need to get through these to pick 16 pretty quickly. Second, the voters on each piece can’t read any story during the presentation and rely completely on the visual. Any writing at all just makes no sense to me.

  • While I did have a brief explanation of the character, I hardly told a full story. Knowing the story can help develop the character. I thought the prompt indicated that the traveller was going for help. The problem to solve is what in a character design says they are going to find help? Among the 16 finalists, I didn't see indications from all 16 that their character was going to find help. Maybe it was there and I didn't see it. I'm still learning. But that is the story that is king. Going to find help.

  • Im not sure adjusting what you're drawing to make it into the top 16 is smart, as a few others have said.
    Make something you love, try to follow the guidelines, but a good portfolio piece is the truest win🙌

  • I love that you’ve brought this up and put it into points like this. I’m a beginner story illustrator, and I have always thought that these contests were to help us follow, design and execute a very specific prompt. So I do get somewhat confused when I work so hard to follow the prompts, to train myself to be able to deliver what is being asked (I don’t though, I think I have to work on my style and learn to break out of my comfort zone more but you know what I mean..) I would definitely like to get more clarification on this 🙂
    You are very spot on with your points and they’re really good advice, thanks so much for sharing

  • @Kim-Hunter I didn't notice the shark was the Traveler. That is a really creative idea now that you've pointed that out! And yeah, that struck me too that there was barely any mention of the getting help aspect of the prompt and that most of the entries didn't address that.
    @jakecrowe I think your advice on keeping text out unless provided is wise and has shown to be true! Great advice, thanks!
    @KristyM I'm so glad you liked the points!
    @kylebeaudette I tell myself that a good portfolio piece is the truest win but the devil on my shoulder continues to tell me that a win or making it into the top 16 is a better type of win and sometimes the angel joins him, haha.

  • @jakecrowe Another comment on text. Many of the 16 were very text heavy. Getting the story across without any text would be the ultimate goal but many really nice characters free of text did not make it.

  • Funny story, I made the top 16, NOT with the piece I was trying really hard to meet the prompt with and spent lots of time on but with the one I decided to go completely loosey-goosey/at-the-the-last-minute with and explore a different style and technique with just for fun to see if I could pull it off. Since I had nothing to lose I got more creative and decided to explore subject matter and ideas I might have been hesitant to try. I guess it paid off. Go figure.

  • @chrisaakins that’s so spot on and always the way!

  • @carolinebautista said in How to make it to the top 16:

    With this prompt it's the frustration that even if i had time this month, I would not put a building without an environment around it in my portfolio. Even if I went through the trouble of designing this for my version of the story (which i see now does not fit their idea of hte story) i would want more flexibility in putting it at whatever angle it needs to be in whatever environment would be best, so it's best to take my portfolio work my own way. Putting it in my portfolio is what made me interested in the contest.

    @carolinebautista I was wondering a similar thing. It seems unusual to put a standalone building in an illustration portfolio. I've seen it in a lot of concept art portfolios, but I've been looking through illustration portfolios and can't find anything like it. Has anyone seen any good examples?

    I do like this image by Derek Laufman and this image by Zoe Persico.

    I might sketch it out in an environment and see if I like it as a portfolio piece. If I do, then I'll create two versions, one without a background, to submit to the content, and one with a background for the portfolio.

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    Why has no one mentioned just bribing the judges? That is the easiest method and we highly recommend it! We take cash, doughnuts, and apple gift cards! 😆

    I will add that I"M KIDDING OF COURSE just in case anyone doesn't get that! lol

  • @Lee-White said in How to make it to the top 16:

    Why has no one mentioned just bribing the judges

    You told me not to mention anything about it Lee! plain envelope with cash as usual, by the way?

  • @Braden-Hallett Plain envelope? You're going to have up your game now and doodle a cat and penguin dancing at a picnic while a robot looks on while constructing a rocket ship on there 😉

  • @Lee-White you shouldn't add those capital letters, just to see what might end up happening!!

  • @Braden-Hallett @Lee-White Hmmm. This explains a lot.
    Now, who do I bribe to get the best pairing? Like, I want a really good seed in the bracket, too. No more of this pairing me with the top seed. I want to be paired with number 16 on the list... (Wait! That's me?!? Oh...Well, time to put in really cute mice, I guess...)

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