iPad pro is on the way!

  • Its so fun!!! I have the same and its my favorite child now. My other kids (grown now) are jealous of the attention and love I give it. 🙂

  • Love my ipad for drawing in procreate...saving up for a pro and pen with pressure sensitivity. Jealous and so happy for you!

  • SVS OG

    @Kim-Hunter hi kim! I’m so happy for you. Have fun!

  • I’m in the same boat although I didn’t think about trying to grab the free AirPods for use with SVS - genius. Hopefully I can talk that into the deal after the fact!

  • SVS OG

    Enjoy!!! I think you will love it. Just got mine and went through Will's whole Procreate class yesterday. Looks really intuitive and I think I'm going to really like it a lot!

  • Thanks everyone! I want to get a printer to make small prints and t-shirt iron ons. I saw some discussion about an HP that cost around $99. Can't quite remember the name of the model. Any other suggestions are welcome too. I'm looking for decent quality for getting started and I'll trade up in quality and size as my skills grow.

  • I also recently Purchase an Ipad pro and I loved it. I also got free Air as I order it from Reecoupons. The pencil is too smooth for work and this is the best device I've ever used for drawing and designing.

  • @Kim-Hunter Awesome! I think you'll love it!
    I've tried different software/apps on the iMac, with a Wacom tablet. They're good.
    But, Procreate(there are other apps that you might like) on the iPad, is my number one!
    Most things I've created and completed(being happy with) were done on the iPad.


  • My iPad pro is lost in China. Whaaaaaa! I ordered it in August and shifted my fall grazing plan for the giant goat herd so I could be here for the delivery. Now I have to haul the herd a hundred miles east and I have no idea when the iPad will arrive. I'll have to have it delivered to a local hardware store and hope that they call me before they just send it back. If they screw up, it will be left sitting on the end of my driveway, a few feet from the road. I may never even see it. Apple used to care about their customers. This really stinks.

  • @Kim-Hunter Oh no! 😨 I hope you're able to get it home soon 😞

  • @Kim-Hunter that suckss. From what I understand they wont leave a package without a signature unless you request that service.

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