August Prompt Concept! feedback

  • I was wondering what you all thought of my concept for this months prompt, these are just rough sketches. I thought it would be cool if it was a team of fighters that control the elements and their gear looked dragonfly-ish...unfortunately when i told my fiance about it he said it sounded a lot like a toy/show from the 90's and that upset me because I didn't know about it so it's not like i was trying to rip it off.....I was so proud of this concept too 😢
    What does everyone think?
    I can't decide if i want to do faces or masks
    also can't decide if to make them full robots or not


  • @MyArt-Multiverse I think that’s a very fun concept and take on the prompt! I love your gesture sketches 😊 I don’t know the show but surely you can develop the story to make it different and all your own?

  • @Lovsey Thank you so much, I always try to find interesting poses, and I hope I can, I don't want to be accused of stealing anyones IP. It was basically a male version of the sky dancer toy from the 90's lol.

  • @MyArt-Multiverse Oh I remember that toy but I didn’t connect it to your designs at all! With the huge variety of fairies and imaginative beings in the world there is plenty of space for more than one type of fantastical dragonfly creature, don’t you think? Go with your gut instinct 😄

  • @MyArt-Multiverse Ooh! This is so cool! I'm not aware of the toys you're referring to, but it's still a very cool concept! Maybe the connection was made because there aren't many dragonfly superheroes? I don't think it'll count as a rip off unless you specifically design them based on the actual characters and their costume so don't worry about that!
    I love your gestures and costumes! I hope you can match it with an equally amazing story scene! Good luck!

  • I wonder if your fiancé meant a sort of general way it reminded him of a shows in that era, not a specific show ?

    These are very appealing ! 😊

  • These are awesome! I hadn't even considered superhero/human characters for this challenge. So creative! I remember the Sky Dancer commercials and stuff, and that didn't come to mind when I saw it either. I actually thought it would be a cool comic book. And I agree with @Lovsey, there's plenty of room for fantasy creatures. Can't wait to see the final!

  • @MyArt-Multiverse Cool concept I think you should keep going, build them all out. Micro-feedback: I'd like the wings to be longer, to me these seem too short to provide enough lift + more dragon fly like if longer. ??? 🙂 rock on.

  • This is a cool idea. With the striped arms, tall boots, and helmet style, it actually reminded me of some character designs from the super stylish Sega video game series, Jet Set Radio (esp. the character Gum). I mean that in the coolest way ... the games are about punk kids who rollerblade around town and graffiti walls and avoid police. The whole game looks like a graffiti mural.

  • @Neha-Rawat thank you so much! I have a really tough time with environments so im not sure how I'm going to go about doing that.

  • @Coley no it was a specific toy/show called Dragon Flyz lol

  • @JoshuaDages thank you! I really appreciate that! A comic would be cool!...I've always had trouble drawing the same thing more than once though and I need a lot more practice with environments lol

  • @fpichel thank you for the feedback, the wings are giving me a lot of trouble so im def. Trying to work on them.

  • @akpcreates omg thank you! I LOVE THAT GAME!!! Lol 😆

  • Here is an update of my Idea, I am having a lot of trouble getting the perspective on the wings right on the left side, I'm also not the best with lighting. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome, thank you!

  • @MyArt-Multiverse Love them!

  • These are really fun designs! I wouldn't worry about your fiancé's comments, after all, pretty much everything has already been drawn! But not in your voice. 🙂 Which is completely different from those toys.

    I'm sure you'll get good pointers from the others, but one thing that bothers me a little is where her left hand is supposed to be. It could be on the floor, perfectly aligned with the lower leg, but it could also be by her crotch or missing altogether. Great start though, I think they're going to look awesome!

  • @ina yea that was bothering me too lol, the reference I used has it not showing so prob. Perfectly aligned with the leg, although I'm more worried about wing placement and lighting.