Can’t post images!

  • I can’t post any images! I get an error that says there was trouble parsing server response. I’m worried that I won’t be able to post my submission for the contest by the end of tomorrow

  • Did you reduce the file? 72 DPI, 1200 Pixels or less? If that doesn't work, you could email the image to me and I can post it, or maybe to @Chip-Valecek?

  • @TessaW that is a good point ! how do we have to submit it ? the psd file from Chip is 300 dpi, should we leave it like this or reduce it ? it would also be my first time submitting, i have so many questions :))

  • @alex-hochreiter I work at larger sizes in 300 dpi. When I post to the forums or other internet sites, I always export a copy at a smaller size. I use photoshop and use the "Export As" feature. It allows me to reduce the pixel dimensions, choose the file type (I choose PNG or JPG), and to mess with other saving options. It saves a separate image from my original and it saves it to 72 (dpi? ppi?) This allows for better viewing on the internet as it will load faster and hopefully avoid the forums compressing your image to a blurrier version.

    If you aren't using photoshop, your program may have a similar exporting option, or there should be online image compressors you can search for on google.

  • @TessaW Oh thank you for all the detailed information. I use Photoshop, I will export it then at 72 dpi. thank you so much ❤

  • SVS OG

    The thing I find helps the most is to take the .jpeg, go to image size, and reduce the width to 1500 pixels. That's for a horizontal image, but in general, reducing the number of pixels seems to help. I can post 300 dpi images, but maybe 72 would load faster!

  • @TessaW just tried posting again and it worked! BUT I still don’t know why I got an error in the first place. I’m thinking maybe it has to do with internet connection? Not exactly sure. As for posting in a lower dpi I was thinking about that but worried about it looking too low quality. Especially for the contest I want it to look as good as possible

  • @Griffin Weird! I'm glad it's working for you now!

    @griffin @LauraA @alex-hochreiter Honestly, the DPIand PPI thing is confusing. I just read a few articles that said, for web viewing, DPI and PPI does not matter. It just matters for printing. I guess differences in DPI and PPI doesn't actually change the quality or file size for web images. So it's mainly about pixels like @LauraA said. But I think there are other factors, and that's why they have the "export as" and "save for web" options in photoshop that will further optimize for the web.

    So everyone ignore what I said about 72 dpi! (When I use "export as" I think it does actually automatically resizes it to 72 without giving me a choice, but I guess it's not relevant either way?)

    Here's one of the articles I read:

  • @Griffin ive been out in the countrysise and had a ropey internet connection and it said something similiar. Did nothing different to normal, and worked ok shortly after.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @TessaW sorry I'm late to the party.

    To everyone it is a good practice when you are working on a piece to keep it as a PSD at 300dpi. You will use this source file for all of your resizing and sending to printers. However when you want to save an image to be displayed on the internet ALWAYS reduce it to 72dpi. Anything more is just wasted time loading the image. I been working as a web designer/developer for over 20 years now. I might now a few things about how it all works LOL.

    As far as the forums go, making sure the image is 72dpi and the longest side should be no more then 1500px. However I like to go even smaller at like 900px. Again with it being 72dpi and less pixels it will load faster and be just as clear.

  • @Chip-Valecek, @TessaW thank you for all the feedback and the information. I've saved it in my brain... for next time. i've had uploaded already by the time Chip joined... at 200 dpi. Sorry.. I'll know better for next time 🙂 hope is not disqualifying that I've added a mockup book to it..

  • @Chip-Valecek this is super helpful, thank you! So when I upload to the forum the image should still be a PSD? I just figured JPG was best because I think that takes up the least space. Also do you know any way to easily change DPI from procreate? I know procreate doesn’t let you alter resolution after the canvas is made so right now I think I just have to send the file through a DPI converter. Just trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Griffin images for the web should be jpg, gif, or png. Sorry I wasn't clear on that part. As far as procreate goes I have no clue LOL I don't use apple products. I am anti-apple LOL

  • SVS OG

    @Griffin i would go with png if you can - jpeg compresses the image and i think it is noticeable - in procreate you can create a new canvas with the dimensions and dpi that you want and then import the flattened final if you wanted to reduce dpi - i usually reduce the image dimensions only until it meets the posting requirement size - i do that in the "preview" program on my mac - it lets you change dpi and file size in any way you want ...@Chip-Valecek I did not know that 300 dpi and 72 looked the same on a computer screen!

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