What To Do After College

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    Art by Norman Morana

    What do you do after you graduate from Art School? There are so many ways to use your time, and making the right choice and committing to the right path can seem like a huge decision -- until you realize there is no single “right path”, but rather a framework you can adopt to make sure you are always moving towards your goal. Jake Parker, Lee White, and Will Terry provide that framework, and discuss the different ways you can level up your art career and move closer to being a professional working artist.

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  • Great episode gents, and great illustration @Norman-Morana!

    I believe my work is between Level 4 and Level 5, but at 40, I still have plenty of time to Level-up!

    SVS is my art school since I studied engineering and drafting in college.

    PS. The save your work banter was great!

  • Great episode as usual guys. Not really for me as I never went to art school. But I have been learning online via online bought courses and SVS learn. I run a full-time web design agency that I co-own, it makes enough money to pay the bills. I cannot really quit my job as it is my own business. Being a web designer requires a different type of creativity than art does. But does help with problem-solving a lot in the artistic realm as that is what I have to do every day anyway. I have been at it for the last 12 years... So I have all the marketing skills, but lacking in the illustration skills.

    I am learning slowly, but I am finding it hard to allocate time. Being a business orientated person I was thinking that maybe I should just make my own art that I can sell on places like Etsy, society 6, and red bubble until I can make the transition from web developer to full-time illustrator. Any advice for someone like me. I have just beong practing fan art and postting it on instagram for now....

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Nice cover @Norman-Morana!

    Glad you guys are enjoying the episodes. : )


  • Really needed this episode right now!

    Would any of you (or any other published illustrators here) mind sharing a timeline of your career so far? it would be really helpful to see the time spent between milestones. I'm currently a year out of college and wondering what the journey has looked like for everyone else :- )

  • Thank you and thank you for the opportunity! This felt like a really great one to get to illustrate 🙂 @Lee-White

  • I'm loving this podcast guys. So glad I found it! And it seems like your advice is probly right - that many different paths work. thanks!

  • I second @Katie-Kordesh's request...could we see the time-line? Could someone flex their infographic muscles and design that for you...? (pick me!)

  • I was so excited to hear you guys talk about this topic! Thanks especially to Will for bringing my topic to the show! This question is so often dodged so it was very refreshing to hear you guys dig into this.

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