July WIP - Adventuring into the land of Poppies

  • Thumbnails Round 1!

    I'm excited for this. I was just beginning to read the Magical Monarch of Mo and thinking about doing some work based on that book after playing with some Wizard of Oz characters.


    So I'm really excited to work on this cover.
    This is just round 1 of roughs. I think I'll make quite a few before deciding which direction I want to go with.

    I'd love some thoughts!


  • Wow! Great start. Can’t wait to see more!

  • @EliaMurrayArt These are all great! I think the 4th one is my favorite of the bunch... by using the witch's crystal ball it's like getting 2 amazing covers in one!

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    All of these are so yummy!! Any of them would be a really strong choice!!

    Personally, I like #4 best because it communicates everything in #1 and yet puts a spin on it. It's both light and dark. I think it also offers the most challenge, with all kinds of opportunity to play with light and luminescence from the crystal globe.

    Another aspect to the challenge is figuring out the text/title design, and I think perhaps the 4th offers the most interesting placement challenges for that, too.

    But all of them are such great options!! Very cool!!

  • I llooove those characters! The lion is amazing! I think I like number 4 book cover best. 😊

  • Thanks all!

    I really appreciate the feed back and will definitely look at pushing and pulling the crystal ball cover to see what I can squeeze out of it. 😁😁

  • WOW your characters designs are so zany and whacky! Shapes all over the place it looks awesome! :"D

    With the covers, I think Corey had a great point! But for some reason I just still like #1 the best!

  • Loving your character designs! 4th one for me too!

  • Love the character design and the sketches.
    I am also drawn to the 4th one. There is something unexpected, and something dark as well. I think I see the witch in the dark, or is it just in my head :-)?
    Can not wait to see the progress on this piece.

  • @Frost-Drive Haha thanks! I started each of them based specifically on one shape. πŸ˜ƒ Glad it came across.

    I actually lean towards 1 too because I find it to be the most clear... but I think I need to play around more and push and pull things because 1 is also the most generic... My worry with #4, though I like the concept, is it might get kind of confusing if I don't pull it off right.

    But! That's the challenge right?

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