May WIP thumbs

  • I'm finally getting going with this month's prompt, but am having a hard time deciding on my concept. Which do people prefer? 1) Character (maybe a bear?) fishing from small boat in the rain. If I go with this one I'll probably do it as a water color with a lot of wet-on-wet effects. 2) Sheltering in a tent on a mountainside 3) Deep underwater in an old-timey diving suit.

    I'd also love any ideas on how to push the story in any of them further.


  • @Braxton My favourite is the first image which I find the most poetic and also to me the one that best responds to the prompt, although the second image could probably work too.

  • I really feel the emotion in #1 although #3 could also be interesting! I might be biased, though, since I also chose an underwater scene, haha.

  • SVS OG

    Somehow I like 3! I think it's different and there's something oppressive about the idea of being deep underwater, in the dark, that says isolation to me. Maybe add a hint of danger that a makes the character feel even more vulnerable?

    One is more peaceful, which is nice, and I also like the composition and possibility for the watercolor effects. And two is similar to it in mood but I like composition of 1 better.

    So it all depends on the mood you want!

  • I love both 1 and 3. I like the silhouette in 1, but I think 3 so strongly emphasizes isolation. The absolute silence of being alone underwater would feel very isolating.

  • @LauraA thanks for the feedback! Do you think number 1 has enough “going on?” I’m imagining it as being fairly minimalist but worry maybe it needs additional story elements?

  • Does this composition for 3 feel like it adds to the sense of isolation?


  • @Braxton I really like this. I wish I had thought of it.

  • @chrisaakins thanks!

  • SVS OG

    @Braxton From your initial thumbs, I preferred #2 because of the way the background compositing encloses the figure, which is further enclosed in a tent. You more recent reworking of #3 definitely adds to the feeling of isolation for that image, though. Just the idea of being deep underwater away from other people, enclosed in that suit, in the dark--very isolating. With this new reworked image, I definitely prefer #3.

  • @Johanna-Kim Thanks...I'm thinking I'll go with that one. I maybe feel the most emotional connection to (1), but overall (3) probably fits the prompt better?

  • SVS OG

    I really like your rework of 3! All that space above his/her head recalls how far down divers go, and also it makes for an elegant composition.

    I like 1 minimalist like it is, but that may be one of my flaws as an artist. I tend to really like minimalist compositions and for this reason some people have described my work is "decorative." Not sure that's a good thing!

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