Draw Fifty Things - Seeking feedback

  • I tried to hit 50 things in this image, although some are probably too indistinct. I'd love feedback on this image overall.


  • @Christijan Hi @Christijan What sort of feedback would you like? Are you looking at composition? Rendering? Do you want affirmation? It helps sometimes to ask pointed questions such as how do you feel about the lights source and values, etc.

  • Hi, you have a great start to a piece here. I think my immediate question is that I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at? Is it a store, a repair shop, an office building? If its a store, it is rather sparsely stocked, and I would add more displays that you could group value wise.

  • @chrisaakins Thanks for the reply. I'm really looking for any feedback that helps me improve my work.

    Is composition working?
    Did I effectively light the scene?
    Is there anything that distracts from the overall image?
    Does it feel like there is an interesting story here?
    How effective is my use of color?

    If you like the image, of course it would be nice to hear, but I'm really wanting to improve my craft and want to know what my blind spots are.


  • @MirkaH Thanks for the reply. It's meant to be a bike store with a repair shop attached. It is a little sparse because as I added elements, I felt like it was becoming too complex and I struggled to keep it coherent. I think I might have gotten too ambitious in the size of the building I was creating for the shop.

  • @Christijan hi mate, one obvious area for improvement is the stairs going up to the second floor. We should be able to see hand rails at the top through the glass, unless there arent any, but that dont seem right. There is a scale issue, with the display case to the left of the stairs at the top, the man standing near it, and the figure going up stairs. The figure on stairs would have to be two foot tall for that to make sense. There are some nice elements though, the mechanic and his area, and the till bit look good, overall the drawing looks pretty decent. Could do with some pictures on the walls though!

  • @gavpartridge one last thing, the woman in yellow top is about to fall to her death, in reality where she is stood there be no floor!

  • SVS OG

    Great start and a fun idea! I’d suggest, since this is a bike shop, you add some bikes. My local shops have rows of bikes, something’s two tiers of bikes. And recumbent trikes. And trailers. And carriers. Fill up that store 🙂

  • @gavpartridge Thanks for your response! I totally see the optical illusion going on with the stairs. They're supposed to be going under the floor and emerging farther back upstairs. I'll try to get the railing in there and probably another glass barrier to make it look right. I'll work on that.

  • @Kat Thanks! The bike stores I go to are always way crammed with bikes as well. I think I was a little intimidated by the thought of trying to add that many. 🙂 I'll revisit and see where I can make them all fit.

  • @Christijan I want to commend you on taking up the Draw 50 things challenge! This is a good attempt. My main feedback is regarding the composition and balance. The image seems heave on the bottom right corner (characters, tools, details etc.) and the top left corner is pretty empty with the ceiling and windows.
    You may want to start out by choosing the best camera angle/crop area. You can try cropping out the top right part which has the walls and ceiling and see if you like it better.

  • SVS OG

    @Christijan maybe they don’t have to be terribly detailed since they won’t be the focal point. And it would make it a bit easier to draw them too 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Christijan how many is your object count?

  • @Neha-Rawat Thanks for the suggestion!

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz I'm sort of fuzzy on the appropriate way to count. I think I have roughly 40 unique objects. If you count repeats (like the cameras, watches, sunglasses, water bottles, etc.) I have much more.

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