Light and Shadow for Illustrators Demo complete

  • I've completed the demo portion of @Lee-White's Light and Shadow class. Its been really quite enjoyable! So any critiques are quite welcome!Tone_Study.png

  • I'm currently looking at the light and shadow class too, I love how Lee explains things.

    I think you did a great job on the assignments, one thing that jumps out is the balls core shadow could be slightly darker and have a softer edge, to show the curve.

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    Nice work @Random-Fluffers! I think the beach ball needs the most attention. Your light local tones aren't quite light enough, so it looks like a grey ball. And then there is no contact shadow which will sit the ball down on the surface. Bounce your eye back and forth between your version and mine. It goes almost to black right under the ball, then gets lighter pretty quickly.

    Great work overall though. Keep it up!

    Cool to see all of you guys doing these assignments! : )

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