January WIP - Will the Fennec

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    Hello! After what seams like ages, I finally have some free time to do the monthly prompt properly. 🙂
    Here’s my first sketch. The twist here would be that those tracks in the snow would actually be totally normal footprints, but Will the Fennec had never seen footprints in the snow, in fact he had never seen snow before, so he’s really amazed by the sight of them. 🙂
    What do you think? Is it a legit idea?
    Thanks ahead for your comments and feedback! 🙂

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    @mag I see where you are going with this. Questions, Why have they never seen snow? Would maybe one of them be looking up at the snow falling like what is this? Maybe even holding a snowflake in their hand puzzled by it. Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up.

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    Only one character had never seen snow - that would be Will, the Fennec, and well, he had never seen snow before because he’s a fennec, they live in a dessert.
    The other two characters would be maybe a bear and a badger and they would be totally not impressed with the snow of course. But curious why the fennec is acting so weird...

    Maybe I’m overthinking it? I’m afraid this idea is too complicated and will not translate clear enough for the audience to comprehend easily...

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    @mag ah i didn't know what a fennec was. Just wonder if others know what that is.

  • @mag I think it might work better if it wouldn't be a fennec, because I think they make tracks in the sand (don't know for sure though). Maybe a sloth instead because its habitat is tropical and it's a tree dweller? You might try it with this composition, which works really well. Maybe the bear can be holding the sloth on a stick. Anyway, I hope you continue working on this!

  • I like the idea and your sketch is lovely. What about making the Fennec a younger baby? Here he looks like a young child that might have already gone through at least one winter.

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    Gee, the sketch is so awfully cute that I want to save it! I love your roly-poly fennec and bear designs! But I admit I am having a hard time following the story without extra cues, so maybe it needs tweaking a bit.

    If you go with a fennec, maybe make it comically obvious that he's just arrived from warmer climes? Maybe he's dressed for summer and has a suitcase?

    Also, @carolinedrawing has a good point: A desert fox's tracks in the sand wouldn't be so completely different from snow tracks as to be shocking. But some other animal's might be.

    I think you've got a good start here, but it just needs some more thought. Sorry, I know that means hard work for you. For me, digging for a concept that works with the prompt is the hardest part! But your idea is a good one, and your sketch looks very promising, so it will be worth it!

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