New light and shadow course homework

  • I'm working through the new light and shadow course in the curriulum, level one with Lee White. Learning tons. And not just by watching the videos. I have been doing all the homework. Occasionally I am being a little sloppy as it's not meant to be a finished super piece BUT I am putting in a lot of time and I am grasping the concepts. The course is pretty heavy on homework but I really think that's the ticket to having it make an impact on my work.
    I find it easier to light a character or simple object, but the course walks you through an interior and an exterior, which is really helping me practice these situations. Super wicked awesomeness 🙂
    Here are a couple of my sheets, one has just the local tones and the other has shadows. The images on the left are the finished pieces of Lee's.
    Currently working through adding light.
    If anyone else has any homework they want to add to this thread, please feel free!!! 🙂 LightandShadow_Assignment_02-191217-181914myhomework.jpg LightandShadow_Assignment_02-191217-181914myhomework2shadows.jpg

  • It's just the course I needed right now. I've never done anything besides flat graphic work, so it's all been a bit of revelation for me. If I finish the homework I'll post it in here.

  • That's looking cool so far! Really like your take on the roboto character!
    I'd be careful with the bounce light on the beach ball though! Feels a bit too strong for my taste, but I may be mistaken.

    I am really hyped about the way SVS guys have redesigned the curriculum. It looks soo cool!
    I myself can't wait to relearn some basics of perspective with it! 😄

  • @IgorWoznicki I did darken a bunch of shadows too much which led to the beach ball issue 😉 I didn't think I was darkening things too much so it's a good learning process for sure. Thanks for the comment!

  • @bugeyefly sounds great 🙂. I learned a lot. Hopefully will see your homework soon. I'll post mine later when the kids get off the laptop Ha ha 😅

  • LightandShadow_Assignment_02-191217-1819finalhomeworksmallforweb.jpg

    final with light added.
    It was a lengthy assignment but soooo worth doing.

    after that was a lecture about finding your own style with the lighting which was great. I found I understood a lot better what Lee was talking about because I "lived!" the experience of going through all the types of shadows, local tones, lighting etc. so it was easier to understand than it would have been a week ago when I started this.

    Then another assignment about looking for some illustrators you admire and ranking them from a more graphic/stylized approach to a realistic approach. I definitely have a wide range I admire but I don't tend to go for the really super flat work. I do love Lee's work so I actually had that in there but he uses some shadows. I think I really like the texture. So great to break it down and start to realize what I like and don't like as much. I then realized that a lot of the more realistic lighting approaches I like are by illustrators who aren't really approaching lllustration from a children's book illustrator point of view. But the children;s illustrators I like definitely lean a bit more to the graphic/stylized (just not all the way - for me anyhow). I think their lighting is a little less realistic and more a part of the design. anyhow here is that last assignment. I'm onto the new perspective course soon!!!!!


  • @Coley

    As promised. Nice to have a little accountability! I don't have time to completely finish it right now, but I will tackle that indoor scene too in due course. Can see some problems - the lights on the beach ball for example - but I've learned a huge amount. One final video to watch then I'm off to meet a deadline.

    LightandShadow assisgnment.jpg

  • Looks great! Make sure you post when you finish!
    It sure is a great learning experience.

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    @Coley This is looking good. That beach ball is still getting too dark on the shadow side. Remember, it needs to look like a white ball with stripes. Right now you have too much shading at the top which makes the local tone look a little too dark. On the grey ball at the top, be sure to add the darker contact shadow under the ball, otherwise it will look washed out.

    Great work overall. Keep it going! : )

  • @Lee-White @Coley I really enjoyed that course. Personally, this is closely to how I’ve been doing my own digital illustrations, starting with blocks of color then adding dark and light over the top of it, but this helped me understand some of the issues I’ve been having where things just didn’t look quite right when I was done with it. Really like how your assignments came out!

  • @Lee-White thanks for the feedback 🙂 I learned a lot! About light and shadow also using lasso etc. Cool trick on the robot cast shadow too!

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