New years resolutions

  • Another year has past and a new one is about to start. What are your 2020 art resolutions?

    Mine are...

    1. Be more active on this forum.
    2. Make 12 personal pieces of art minimum.
    3. Improve on my art fundamentals.
    4. Meet up with my oldest friend monthly to make art.

    Happy new year SVS forum!

    1. Continue taking advantage of what the SVSLearn site has to offer, to improve my story telling and digital art.
    2. Continue with the oil painting class I've been taking this past year (April) and start spending 2 hrs at home Saturday mornings working on my own (Jan).
    3. Continue drawing every weekday morning before work.
    4. Set up a Social Media site. I'm thinking maybe instagram and/or a YouTube channel.
    5. Start attending open studio night (Jan-April).

  • Pro

    A great idea to post them here, then they're here for prosperity and we can reflect on them later! 😃

    I'm doing ok on the art side but have some big goals to improve the business side this year:

    • I want my freelance salary to equal or surpass the salary I had when I was still working in a studio
    • I want to grow my Etsy shop to cover 1/4 of my income

    Happy New Year everyone and best of luck with you 2020 goals!

  • I have not done new year resolutions for a while. Thanks for reminding me to reflect on this. Here is mine:

    1. Keep making marks on real papers (with whatever art supplies). - I use to paint only digitally, and I explored traditional media around inktober time this year, and it changed how I think and make art, and I want to do more of that.
    2. Schedule time for dreaming big dreams, and dreaming silly dreams
    3. Make a realistic and sustainable excise plan, and stick with it.

  • Oooo this is great. Thanks for making this.

    1. Improve my painting skills (digital and watercolor)
    2. Improve my color theory skills
    3. Improve my composition and storytelling skills
    4. Do more art studies
    5. Start doing daily sketchbooks drawings, even if it’s a few lines or a drawing exercises
    6. If i finish the script to my webcomic this year, start my webcomic

    Oh and
    7. If possible, find an agent

  • Moderator

    These are my resolutions:

    1. To continue to learn as much as I can as swiftly as I can.
    2. To develop the skills I've learned as much as I can.
    3. To carve out the time that is required to shift my attention from one career field to another.
    4. To discover what the optimal career path might be.
    5. To continue to develop heartfelt connections with my peers that shape my future.

    Geeze those sound "pie in the sky", but they're from the heart.

  • Oh shoot, I actually came to the forum today to create a post like that :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

    Well, I don't gave many of those. The more resolutions you make, the harder it is to keep 'em!
    In general, I want to ditch the outlines and learn how to be more of a painter AND to improve my perspective and construction skills so I have stronger fundamental skills before I make my childrens book portfolio ( which I plan tackling on on my senior year of collage )

    Talking non-art resolutions, I want to be more active on this forum, just you like, @IanS!
    Also, I want more consistency when it comes to self-improvement books, so I wake up a bit earlier and start my day with reading those for 30 minutes. I actually started that BEFORE new year, so I am two weeks into it. It's been a blast so far 😌

  • SVS OG

    Wow, I’m still not sure what I want for this year to be honest. I still need to think things through more but here’s a few I can provide from the top of my head:

    1. Improve my drawing skills
    2. Land atleast 4 books/projects
    3. Build up my social media

    Thank you for making my 2019 amazing everyone! I improved a lot because of all of you. Let’s continue helping each other out this 2020.

  • I don't really do resolutions so much as goals, but here are mine:

    -Have created 10 new illustrations by the end of the year

    • Do warmup studies for 30 minutes every day, even on part time job days. Sundays optional.
    • Post to social media at least 3 times a week
    • Post to patreon at least once a week
    • Have 1000 followers on one social media platform
    • Make two youtube videos that aren’t stream VODs

    Best of luck to all of us in reaching our goals this year!

  • Hmmm...
    After listening to the latest podcast I think I need to:

    • focus on learning how to paint digitally with photoshop
    • learn how to bring my traditional style into digital illustration
    • Become adept at making comics/graphic arts illustrations rather than dabbling in everything
    • finish my book
    • maintain healthy eating habits that become a lifestyle.

  • @Kasey-Snow These are great goals! The first two are actually my goals too. Let's make it happen! Cheers!

  • To be ABSOLUTELY honest,

    My true goals are...

    1. Be slim again! (Packed on a bunch of extra pounds over this winter 😞 )
    2. Make a MAJOR improvement on my storytelling skills. Less rendering, more ideas!
    3. Seriously, finish a good dummy and pitch it to editors, publishers, and agents. This was my goal last year, which never happened. I'm determined to make it happen this year.
    4. Participate in more events from SCBWI, SOI, and this forum!
    5. Learn and grow like an animator & concept artist. Hopefully I will achieve this from my CGMA courses.
    6. Find new love. hopefully!

    thank you for this post! This made me realize what I truly wish for.
    Best of luck to everyone on their goals!

  • So many things I want to accomplish. 🎨

    1. Graduate with AAS in illustration in May with a worthy portfolio to start working
    2. Get my website up and running with more than bare bones
    3. Get out and do more fine art shows and competitions
    4. Not over plan my days and get overwhelmed

  • Great idea for a thread here!

    I have a few goals for myself this year:

    1. Get through at least stages 1 and 2 of the Foundations Curriculum
    2. Participate in the weekly prompt "Spirits and Mortals" (#spiritsandmortals) on IG -- I'm already going to be late starting but will do my best to catch up
    3. Launch a little art community/collective of likeminded artists in my area, meeting monthly and supporting each other
    4. grow my IG followership to 100+ (I'm currently stalled at 40)

  • What a great response! It'd be good to revisit this thread in a few months time to see how everyone is getting on.

  • I have had a few more days to think about it
    and I am still keeping things small.

    1. Look into and where possible apply for an art residency. I don't have the income to move out of my parents home yet and this would be great for myself to grow as artist and an adult.
    2. Participate in Childhood weeks (2), Folktale week, a Sketch(tember/tober) instead of Inktober, and one MerMay challenge day. As well as find a character challenge to participate in.
    3. Finish work I didn't finish or start last year and still passionately want to draw this year!

  • @Suji-Park

    My issue is more rendering the ideas I have lols.

  • I have a few New Years' Resolutions this year related to art.

    1. Continue a regular drawing practice to hone my skills, but make it with more frequency. I'd like consistent daily time this year instead of weekly.
    2. Learn how to draw the human figure. I'm already starting with Andrew Loomis' heads and hands.

    There's more, like learning to watercolor better, but I've learned that if I set them all as goals none of them get achieved, so I'm best with just 2.

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