Slowvember step by step

  • So having taken a bit longer than expected due to circumstances I present some research for a painting i will make to add to my portfolio.
    The theme was the feminine shape and dancing. It is not my choice but requested by the one asking me to do this painting.
    The materials and size are completely my own choice. As is it my choice to not do a still (sitting down, standing normal upright) but more of an action painting. I also wanted to have folds incorporated into it if at all possible.
    slowvember research.jpg

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    It's ok, slowvember is about being slow! Taking longer than expected means you are doing it right! : )

  • i have some thumbnails ready to work from. i had to trace them again because my scanner couldn't see my soft lines 😛

    Any comments are welcome 🙂 i haven't decided which one to go with or if i should make some more.
    thumbnail 1.jpg thumbnail 2.jpg thumbnail 3.jpg

  • i also want to add some pose practice sketches that i did as i drew my thumbnails.
    pose sketching 3.jpg pose sketching 2.jpg pose practice 1.jpg

  • I came down to these three thumbnails.
    Thumbnail selection.jpg

    The main focus is the dress which will have layers upon layers.
    The colours will be pastels for the most part with one possible darker colour to balance it out.
    I'm trying to capture the feminine as well as doing numerous folds.

    To be continued for a bigger worked out sketch, comments and advice is welcome as always 😃

  • i forgot to post another one of my picks for the next phase so i will post it here.
    thumbnail pick 4.jpg

    I want to put a spotlight on her but wasn't sure how to convey that in my thumbnail.
    I think this one is my favourite because it has both action, folds and the feminine shape in one 😃

    I went on with printing it big and then drawing in some more shape rather than the value and then i inked it so i have a good scanable shape 😃

    My next step is to add my values back in to see if it is still works out properly and from there i will transfer it to a small canvas to paint 🙂

    Any comments or feedback is welcome 🙂

  • @Inge-Permentier beautiful pose. The only concern I had was for her right leg...once painted (unless it's a very sheer fabric) it will be hard to see and may come across as looking like it's missing...her skirt could possibly be shorter so you can see a bit of the knee and foot? I think with lots of highlights and shadows you can have a really dramatic piece. Looking forward to seeing your next step!

  • @KaraDaniel Thank you, i will take your advice into consideration as i do my value study tomorrow 😉

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