My Slowvember project

  • I've already gotten a bit of a start on the research and development for my Slowvember. I'll keep doing more. I had an idea of a girl/woman walking through the woods/park in autumn with a dog, just one of those daily moments that are kind of everyday but magical, too. Maybe a bit boring, i'm hoping I can capture the everyday magic and enjoyment of the moment. Fingers crossed. My motivation is that this is something i really enjoy with my own dog so I'd like to capture that feeling..........
    i've set up a pinterest board, looking at a lot of autumn trees/foliage (so that;s leading me to a color scheme). Lots of photos of dogs. Tho I am a bit torn over whether to just include my own dog! He is pretty fancy looking tho and not so much of an everyday sort of dog! He is every color under the rainbow 🙂 Also I am looking up clothes that women might wear in autumn as I am pretty much a slob in terms of dressing up lol. I want the character casual but not in workout wear that I'm usually in 24/7 lol. I want the feeling of light filtering through the trees. Also am looking up and pinning illustrations by folks who do similar art I admire and one of my favorites is Yaoyao Ma Van As . Here's a link to her work on instagram if anyone interested. She manages to make the everyday moments anything but boring!
    Also I am working through Lee's art questions sheet and that's really got me thinking. Tho I am only one page in so I have lots left to do on that this week. I think it's great to get in touch with the 'why" of it all.......highly motivating.
    I already had some thumbnails done previously as well as a start on the drawing and the painting (which had some good things and some very unsure things) but i am starting again from scratch so right now I'm just staying with the R and D for week one, thumbs etc to come later.
    thanks for peeking. updates to come

  • @Coley When I try to imagine your scene, there is a lot of light flooding through it. I can imagine it very well, and don't think it's boring. You mainly want to depict a mood, which I don't think is an easy task. Would like to know how your dog lokks like!

  • Yaoyaomva is awesome! I've been following her for years now. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do on your fall piece. I took some pictures for my 9-5 job recently. I won't use them in my piece but feel free to put them on your pinterest board to get a glance of colors and whatnot.

    IMG_0086.png IMG_0023.png IMG_0002.png

    Starting from scratch on your RD is a good idea. Slowvember here we come! Good luck

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    Yay! good luck!

  • @josegalue25 thanks 🙂

  • @Lee-White it's already not so easy going this slow LoL!!!!

  • @josegalue25 ooooh yaoyaomva posted a new piece today 😁😁😁😁

  • Ok @Lee-White I have a several part question. I had previously jumped ahead and gone to painting stage with this illustration ( last month) but am starting over. I liked some of it but certain parts were lacking. Specifically the leaves of the trees. At this stage should I just be researching perhaps how other artists I admire handle leaves in a similar type of illustration? I know I can't draw or paint each individual leaf as it would look stiff and awful, but in trying to keep it loose, I just managed foliage that looks like mush. 😜 Any advice? I was reasonably happy with my characters and The color and lighting. Also I don't know if people use foliage brushes for this sort of thing or do it themselves or basically what LoL. The foliage really had me stumped. ( PS am about halfway through the making custom brushes in Photoshop course and have learned a lot!)
    If you want me to pose this question in main Slowvember thread I can as maybe others have similar queries. 🙃

  • @Coley It helped me a lot with drawing foliage to really first study it by drawing buches of leaves as I see them. It helps to find a looser way to depict them. Also, I recommend a tutorial I watched last year on youtube (and studied on):
    "Drawing Organics" by Philip Dimitriadis. It's mora about the basic structure of plants and how to "construct" them.

  • @Meta thanks 🙂

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