People and Character Studies in November

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    I don’t know how to share but I did start following some of your boards so you should be able to find me that way. I don’t have a specific board anymore. But whatever interests you because I’m still cleaning it up.

  • I feel like you both will be blackbelts in character design after this!! Can’t wait to see what you’re able to put out. Good luck on your journey!

  • @SFischer thank you, we shall see.

  • I'm doing characters too! Possible book project with an author friend! Needing to develop the characters and I'm better at animals than people so I'm working at it. Are you gals posting your sketches here? Or anywhere?

  • @Coley here and Instagram just haven’t yet. I’ve done a page practising legs after I watched the first section in the Gesture Class.

  • @Heather-Boyd cool. I'm kinda working away at some faces/heads/a bit of body sketch stuff today.. no pressure sorta stuff just figuring things out and what I like and think looks good/ Trying to recreate what I like is the problem lol! consistency.......
    I did gesture class and tons of practice back int he spring, it really really helped. I did over 700 gesture drawings! And still need to do more...........

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    @Coley what heather said. And I also have only done one worksheet. I didn’t think it was post worthy but I’ll post it anyway... tomorrow😜.

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    @Coley wow 700! 👍

  • @burvantill I will post a series probably at the end of each week to show progress and/ or a mid Tuesday week short.

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    @Aleksey I'm interested in hearing how this goes, because I really like Weston's work. (I've also tried to mimic his lovely chalk strokes digitally, to no avail 😆) Could you please let us know how it goes?

    Wouter Tulp is another really good character designer to study.

  • @LauraA will do! Next paycheck haha

  • This weekend I've been working on a character creation task for a course I'm doing so I thought I would join in your thread for November. The task was to sketch nine little characters, just made up as you go along from random shapes, give them sidekicks and names and then pick one to draw up in a couple of poses. I chose Cyril the wannabe circus strongman and his pet cat Rory. I watched the 'how to stylise human characters' video for a little help and I'd like to look at some of your other video suggestions and maybe work up a couple of the other pairings or more of Cyril & Rory with some backgrounds / context.

    ceril and rory 2 low res.jpg

    ceril and rory 4 low res.jpg

    ceril and rory 5 low res.jpg

    I was pretty happy with those two final drawings until I showed my other half his only comment was "that's a loud pattern" (on the chair) * sigh *

  • @neschof nice to see these on your Instagram and keeping practising I like it

  • @Heather-Boyd Good idea, I'm very bad at keeping up with Instagram 🙂

  • @neschof I like your strong man! Mostly the upper illustration. (I must admit I thought the same about the pattern, lol! I think it's because of the combination of two strong patterns). Which course are you taking? Will you do more of the tiny characters? My favourite is Russel and his eager doggy. Nice contrast!
    I hope it's okay to pop up in this thrat from time to time. Don't see that I have much time to join, but I like the topic and to see peoples progress.

  • @Meta absolutely! Join in

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    After a busy weekend I am back to lessons. These are from the fundamental drawing class. It’s kinda nice to go back to basics and learn a different approach. I didn’t understand what he wanted us to do for the worksheets so sheet 1 is more developed. I was just supposed to draw basic shapes😊

  • @Meta Thanks, I didn't really think about people not liking the pattern combo - I would totally wear this blue floral with leopard print 😁

    The course is illustrating picture books, taught by Sarah Mcintyre via CBCreative. There's some discussion and help with technique but it's mostly about getting stuff done and creating / finishing tasks in the short time frame. Very good accountability. Last week we made complete little books.

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    Worksheet 3 from FUN dement all’s. 😬

    Weird. For some weird reason it’s coming in sideways, it doesn’t look sideways in my photos, I guess it’s a sideways day🤪

  • So this week I am working on drawing human legs, feet and gestures. Last image has nudity due to practising gestures just to let you know upfront. I used a combination of body and leg references found on Pinterest and Proko poses. And yes my gesture sketches are sometimes more contour but I am happy nonetheless. In order except gestures did yesterday and today. Thanks,






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