Semptember prompt - WIP

  • hey guys I’m getting started on my thumbnails for the semptember contest “everyone was shocked to see her show up to school with...” a pterodactyl! I’m trying to follow lee whites video and start off with research and 50 thumbnails... so far I have done 37 and I am really stumped 🤔 I like this beacause it has forced me to think of other comps and has given me many more ideas of how I could pose it but I can’t seem to think of any more. any help?

    Sorry I know these are suuuuuper rough but this is what I have so far



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    @ambiirae honestly I think it is insane to do 50 thumbs for every piece of art you do. If that was the case I would be burned out and not wanting to work on it anymore. I do as many thumbnails as I can without getting bored with it. From there I take the best one I like and work on tweaking that one. I also think the 50 is more of a guide and not have to.

  • It helps to pick out 2-3 thumbnails you like the most, and do a variation of them, like doing 3 different versions of value studies of each. Sometime, that gives me ideas of different compositions. Adding different tonal studies even to the same composition, can sometimes bring very different emotions of the image.

    Playing with scales and camera angles also give some more ideas.

    I agree with Chip that 50 thumbnails is more of a guide. But for learning purpose, it is really cool to stretch your creativity by pushing yourself to do 50 thumbnails as often as your time allows to. Have fun 🙂

  • Question- did you do 37 all at once, or have you spread it out over a few days? It also appears as if you've done mainly landscape formatted compositions. What would happen if you make some comps in portrait format?

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    they all look great I'd say 37 is a great start!

  • @TessaW I did them over a few hours I wasnt sure how long it was supposed to take and I did them in landscape with the possible intent of changing once i picked out the 3 to work on if it felt better doing it one way or the other.. I was thinking of do I g portrait of one where she was flying to the school lol I was trying to be as simple as possible cause I know I can get carried way with details

  • Thanks guys i will try and work with what i have and pick out 3 and go from there 😁 i was trying to get vreative as possible but just couldnt think of any more options

  • @xin-li said in Semptember prompt - WIP:

    Playing with scales and camera angles also give some more ideas.


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