Superstition - WIP thoughts?

  • Thumbnailed a few ideas for this month's contest and everything was feeling unoriginal, but finally settled on the idea of focusing on rabbit's feet, 4 leaf clovers and danger/misfortune. Personally I think B will probably tell the best story and fit's in the month's idea by having some unknown creatures in the forest hunting down rabbits to take their feet and using 4 leaf clovers to lure them in. I think C would be fun, but it is perhaps a little too dark a concept 😕 and A could have some great lighting but I feel that it might be hard to convey the idea of "superstition" over the rest.

    I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts on the concepts and if there is anything you would adjust or suggest to add.


  • @Gary-Wilkinson I like B best. I think the story reads best in it and I think it is a darkly funny and ironic take on the whole rabbit's foot thing. I think it reads the as the best composition based on the thumbnails, too.

  • SVS OG

    I like both A and B -probably A a little more because of the danger surrounding the bunnies, and the companion bunnies noticing that something isn’t right. Makes you look around the image more. But both are great!

  • @Gary-Wilkinson I love B. The comp is beautiful. The story is funny. Looking forward to see the progress on this.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Gary-Wilkinson I like the idea of C but that is because I have a twisted mind. But overall B reads the best for me.

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