What my boss expects.....

  • Hi everyone. I decided to try to make a scene from one of the characters I had come up with, and while deciding what direction to take the image in I had a run in with my boss and he inspired me to make the image about him! What I thought was that he wanted someone who would blindly obey his every command, and so I came up with this image to try and represent that. Does that come across?

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    @hoppershaun not sure if I get "obey every command" from it, I get more of a "Oh brother this guy is a jerk". It could be the look in the eye of the one about to jump off. He looks disgusted. Two things, if you change the wing to more of a pointing hand since the other wing looks like a hand holding onto the rope. The other is there is a tangent with his right leg running into the boat. If you put both legs on the ledge and just had him leaning over that would read better. I like the characters and would like to see more of them in different scenes.

  • I don't think I would have gotten it's a "obey blindly" concept from the situation. I think to try and convey that theme, you would need some other cues in the scene. Don't be afraid to play around with a bunch of ideas and ask the forum before going into coloring, it will help you a lot down the road.

  • I like it. Just add a blindfold? That would certainly make your obey blindly point....

  • @Chip-Valecek thanks for the suggestions, defo see the tangent now between the leg and the ship.
    @Gary-Wilkinson I’ve been guilty of just drawing and not really pushing the story I wanted to get across. I’ll take your suggestion and for my next idea I’ll post up some WIPs before I commit to colouring.
    @maibutterfly2277 thanks for the suggestion 😊

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